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So I just found this


So I just found this  

  1. 1. So I just found this

    • Rocket science
    • Tying your shoes
    • Quantum physics
    • Brain surgery
    • Foreign economy policy making

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Now, this question confuses me a bit. I mean, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ANSWER THIS WITHOUT LYING TO MYSELF. Remembering how much trouble I had to get to finally tie my shoes correctly, I could probably have learned to play KSP before.

Anyway, discuss.

Edit: made a poll on request.

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If I'd known about KSP in 2nd grade I might have been able to play it. I didn't learn how to tie my shoes until just before spring break my second grade year; and then I forgot over spring break.:D

I still don't know how, yet I can play KSP like it is second nature.

Being serious, I probolly understood the very basics of Quantum physics in second grade by watching Educational TV shows. Before I knew how to tie my shoes.


Discover, Science, Military, SciFi, ect...

I never really got much into cartoons and childrens shows.

Infact, I feel I was born old.

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Economic policies are somewhat simple-ish. To tie shoelaces does include alot of potential options. In a shellnut: A child might not be able to tie its shoes, but can tell you the obvious and somewhat ignored truth regarding money.


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Tying my shoes, any of the others aren't even close to tying shoes.

Man how do you do that? nearly 30 000 people die each year trying to tie their shoes! It's simple to me: don't need to do it, don't do it. For the same reason I haven't showered in three years now. I feel young.

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Yes...I still have problems tying my shoes. I used to wear Velcro shoes....

So yes, we can fully understand rocket science and create colonies on other planets, yet we are confounded if presented with a untied shoe. Rocket science is much easier than tying a shoe!

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