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Kerbal Khronicles


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Haven't even finished the second chapter, already WANT a movie adaption. This is epic.

Fun thing was (SPOILER ALERT) that I felt you were 'explaining' Kerbal society...At first I expected them to move sub-surface, and the anti-allergic serum probably tasted like Mountain Dew or something :sticktongue: By the way, not enough snacks.

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Time marches forward, and I discover that amidst the many major upheavals that have been going on in my life, this project got shelved and seemingly forgotten. 

However, I'm pleased to say that Khronicles is not forgotten, and in fact is being resumed. 

However, I was troubled to discover that the chapters seem to have disappeared, either to the Kraken or a wayward black hole. All my previous links drop back to the forums homepage now. 

Though I'm sure many would be pleased to see something new pop up (and rest assured that's coming along), I'd like to avoid dropping new readers into the fray without any of the previous chapters. 

The search feature has netted me exactly 0 matches for the chapters; can anybody recommend a means of possibly retrieving the original posts? I have the original chapters themselves, so I can repost them for sure, but I'd like to restore the accompanying imagery as well. 

Any thoughts? 

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Praise be to Internet Archive.  Hallowed be thy name, and thy name is truly "Awesomesauce".

The chapters were captured in their entirety, images and all, and now I can bring them safely back down to be placed back on the forums once more.  It's been a while, but I think the problem is that I using the old "personal content" feature of the previous forums to post chapters, and that section is now gone entirely.

So, now I'm looking for a means of re-posting these buggers without resorting to individual threads, or worse, using this thread to do each one instead.  Having that content section was nice, in that I could keep the chapters together, yet segregated from the general noise of the forums themselves.  I'll explore some ideas once I get back home in front of the desk once more.  :)

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Fellow story hounds, I bring glad news!

So as to avoid another potential disaster such as what happened with the original chapter postings here on the forums, I have thrown together a dedicated site for them myself.

For now, if you want to go back and get re-acquainted with the story, you will find the first three chapters posted over at http://deadweasel.net/khronicles (with the others to be added very soon).

It's little more than a basic Wordpress site at the moment, but I wanted to get the content safe and sound under my own control before I put a ton of effort into the look and feel stuff.  If you have any issues reading it on the site as it currently exists, please don't hesitate to let me know, and if you have any suggestions for improvements, so much the better!

For now, please enjoy! :cool:

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Velcome back!  Nice to see you once again. 

Yeah, the old blog feature got scrapped in the forum's regeneration. Yay for the internet archive! 

I think so far, you have the record for longest hiatus of a KSP fan work. 

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Hello again all!

Chapter 10 (as 0111narwhalz discovered early!) is called The Breaker's Bounty, and is now live!

No images with this one, as I'm still struggling with creating scenes that are a bit beyond what the game itself is capable of providing.  I could probably shortcut the process and go nuts with Photoshop, but I think you have all been waiting far too patiently for this next chapter for me to delay it any longer.

Please enjoy, and I'll be slamming forward on the next installment! :cool:

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