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It's the Fourth of July


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Break out the Hamburgers, high explosives and white phosphorus, it's independence day here in the US.

So, what are some of you guys doing for the Fourth?

Seriously, i HATE smoke bombs, why do people use them? They stink and haze everything up. The only thing they're good for is keeping the mosquitoes away.

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I celebrate that Luitpold of Bavaria got kicked ass by the hungarian forces on 4th of July 907.

And the way of celebrating is hungarian Salami with fresh bread and a bottle of Pálinka. Word.

Sorry. Couldn't resist. Feel a little tracked and sarcastic right now, when it comes to USA.

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Watched parade.

Ate candy.

Celebrated. (I.E. Blew up rockets in KSP to look like fireworks... I should have made those unmanned...)

Pet my cats.

Drank a Coke.

Went to forums.

Is typing this.

Just typed "Is typing this.

Just typed "Just Typed "Is typing this.""...


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I'm going to watch some not-well-used sulfer and other various chemicals explode in the air at about 1km above my town/house.

Will be annoyed by current gen. "Yolo", "Swag", and "'MURICA!" people.

annd I'm from said generation :(

Haha, yeah. The people who use internet memes and sayings in public? Always makes me feel awkward.

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