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[Showcase] Replica Craft thread!

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Romfarer's buran manipulators (http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/robotic-arms-pack/) actually allows for this! I've used it with my airlaunched/airdropped designs - just make sure both parts have at least a probe body for control, or else they will be "debris" and despawn.

Oh cool! That just made the KSP grasshopper a lot cooler! Of course it will still be a pain to control both :P

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With the recent posts of planes in the vietnam war cough..zekes...cough.

These planes are here to kick @$$ and take names. (2x F-105 thunderchiefs, 2x A-7 corsair II, and then 2x F-3D) :cool:

All rover wheels are removable except for the front corsair.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/bxbh4e7m050b88j/f-105%20thud.craft (F-105)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/4yfbexdjl0kaab0/F-3D.craft (F-3D)

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Yeah, figured there probably is no way around real prop engines... except there is! Found out I can get this thing of the ground on infiniglide :P

Installed Firespitter props anyways, also fixed the nose and wings a bit. Now it's ready!

Javascript is disabled. View full album

Also found out it can land on water and take of again, which is a little weird but ok...

Please a download! That thing looks awesome!!

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I present... the 1200 m/s capable XB-70 Valkyrie, complete with small details and tilted wing edges. With the cursed Koviet Union shooting down our SR-71s, we have decided to go thermonuclear.

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/67vu2j8ixne4xdz/XB-70A%20Valkyrie.craft

Clocking in at around 256 parts, it is easy to use and has true intercontinental range.







Stable with engine problems


Optional internal bomb bay space included


Bomb bay edition released. Xenon enhanced nukes are now here with drag chutes.

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cuojyd3g4bsf9m5/XB-70A%20Valkyrie%20Bomb%20Bay.craft





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The might IS-3 of the Soviet Union! I always admired this tank since it looks were awesome. It is semi-stock, only with damned and infernal robotics used for the turret and gun.

Two Soviet heavy tanks in a single thread, outrageous, right?

moar images:



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heh i think mine looks better :)


Nope! The first one looks way better.

And for those who are posting screenshots made at night or dark side of the planet: I bet your crafts are awesome, but all i see is a black rectangle instead of picture.

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Something I made a while back, but it still works.

Using the mods lazor system, lazor missiles, DYJ minigun, and firespitter propellers, I have created a 20 ton attack helicopter! In all tests, the kerbin crash pilot survivability has proven to be perfect, and it is extremely tough to damage. Enjoy it! AH-1A with a very under powered engine. Do not attempt to do maneuvers until I can update this thing.

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2p59yrpg8h0f2rr/Ah-1A.craft





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I've found out that with a little bit of balancing, it is possible to re-create the LADEE mission.

(by the way, have you seen the launch yesterday?)

I've built a five-stages launch vehicle using SRBs as the first three stages:


Stage 1-2 separation and Stage 2 ignition


Stage 3-4 separation


Stage 4-5 separation


Trans-munar injection



Optional fairing.

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