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The game I've been dreaming of!


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For years now, I've wished there was a game where you could build spacecraft out of various component parts, and which followed proper laws of physics and orbital mechanics. And perhaps was moddable as well. And of course now I find out that such a game exists and is completely awesome!!! :-) Honestly, I'm not sure why I merely added this to my Steam queue when I first heard about it, instead of buying it immediately. Over the past 3+ weeks, I've been either playing KSP, watching KSP videos, or lurking on the forums here, with every spare moment I could grab (including some moments well past my bed time) -- and loving every moment of it!

I've got the basics down: I can launch and rendezvous and dock and reenter. I've done a few Munar flybys, mostly with Ion probes, but haven't tried landing anything there yet (or sending anything outside of Kerbin's SoI). If my attempts at powered vertical landings on Kerbin are any guide, I've still got a ways to go before I master that particular skill.

Since pictures are nice, here's my first attempt at creating a space station, Kalamazoo. Built and launched in two pieces (not counting the fuel tanker docked on the far left). Pretty modest, I know, and there's no Sr. Docking Ports, but I'm still proud of it. With the recently-attached manned section, it can house 8 Kerbals, but currently only has 7. There's an empty spot for Jeb when he gets back from the first manned Munar flyby.


Actually, I may not continue that game, since I've just started a fresh game where I'm using RemoteTech, ISA Mapsat, and (eventually) Kethane (along with several other mods). I've established my comsat network, and mapped Kerbin.

Since I'm also a C# developer, I'm looking forward to trying my hand at creating some mods as well. And I hear that 0.21 is coming out soon, too!

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I'm nowhere near what I'd call "good" at this game, but I think you'll find Munar landings to be less daunting a task than you think. Because of it's proximity, it's pretty easy to go from LKO to a Munar encounter. Then along the way you can adjust for a pretty low PE, and with the lack of atmosphere, you can have a very low orbit, so the distance that your lander actually has to descend can be minimized. Because of the low gravity, landing can be a bit difficult, but at the same time, if you've got too much vertical speed to land, it's easy enough to gain altitude and try again. These are just my findings. The fine folks on this forum are very helpful if you have any questions.

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This is funny, this is also the exact game i always thought about years ago, i saw a youtube comment that said "Kerbal Space Pro- (instinct takes over, stops the video and looks for a KSP vid) then i found kurtjmac's video, watched about 60 seconds of it and then downloaded the demo (i never made it to the mun in demo though.....) I instantly just pushed over all my other games, and played KSP obsessively for 1-2 months. Then i backed off, but i still played it everyday. Now i have came into a comeback and now i am playing almost as much as i played when i first got it.

That is my story.

Below, in my sig are my ribbons, they show what i have accomplished.

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Welcome aboard! Nice station.

Powered landings on Kerbin are actually pretty difficult compared to the Mun. One thing you might consider, go to Minmus first and practice there before going on to the Mun, it's not significantly more difficult to get to and landings on Minmus are a bit easier.

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