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The Dunebug-Class Mobile Outpost Family

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This family of vehicles represents an offshoot of development conducted for the Ministry of Improbable Spacecraft's Mobile Base Mk2 project, for which it was determined that a means of deploying a long-term, mobile outpost was a mission necessity. The result of this was the Dunebug-class mobile outpost, which is a way of bridging the gap between a static outpost and a true mobile base, such as the Far Wanderer Class. Due to the vehicle's versatility and low mission profile, design of several variants (separate from the original development) was expedited. Currently, 3 variants of the Dunebug-class are available for the public, with several more currently planned/in development. The low-profile variant that is used on the Mk2 mobile base is not available separately (as part of ongoing development work, it is not available to the general public). However, it is functionally identical to the baseline Dunebug. All Dunebugs are remotely controllable using a standard RemoteTech comms network.

All Dunebugs require the following technologies (click to visit supplier's page):


Lack Luster Labs

Rubber Band Industries Caterpillar Tracks

KW Rocketry

More RTGs

Gaby's Quick and Dirty Miscellania

Any other required technologies are indicated as needed.

Projects Legend:

Green: Completed with at least one full mission flown. Available for download.

Blue: Primary development work completed, but not yet flown (AKA, "What do you mean the lifter from the last project isn't big enough?"). Not available for download.

Purple: Currently in development. Not available for download.

Yellow: Planned.

Red: Cancelled.

Baseline Dunebug

The baseline Dunebug-class vehicle is a mobile outpost, designed for surface operations lasting up to 6 months. It carries a crew of 10 (9 scientists and one driver), a full suite of scientific instruments, and some long-range communications gear.



A Dunebug, on the class' shakedown on Minmus.


EXT Variant

The EXT variant of the Dunebug-class is designed for extended missions, with an indefinite operational time. It carries the same comms and scientific equipment as the standard Dunebug, but also has a greenhouse module, to allow for indefinite operation far from resupply. Like the standard model, it has a crew of 10 (9 scientists and one driver).


This Random Greenhouse

A Dunebug-EXT, rolling across the surface of Vall.


COM Variant

The COM variant of the Dunebug-class is designed to serve as a "nerve center" for remote operations across its region of space. Packing 4 long-range tracking dishes and 4 medium-range tracking dishes, as well as a set of omnidirectional antennas, it is capable of co-ordinating a small fleet of probes or other vehicles using its RemoteCommand unit. It also carries the standard scientific equipment, and a crew of 13 (9 scientists, 3 comms specialists, 1 driver) inside its lengthened hull.



A Dunebug-COM, seen here on a mission to Moho.


LOW Variant

The LOW variant is functionally equivalent to the standard model, but with the equipment moved from the roof to the sides of the vehicle to facilitate attachment to the underside of a mobile base. As it is part of an ongoing project, it is unknown when it will be released to the general public.

A pair of Dunebug-LOWs, attached to the underside of the prototype mobile base.


TT Variant

The TT variant is a baseline Dunebug with towing equipment - it is capable of towing small objects or other Dunebugs across a body's surface. It carries a standard crew of 10, as well as all of the scientific and communications equipment of the standard model.


REF Variant

The REF variant is currently in pre-release, with the end goal of creating a Dunebug that is capable of refining an atmosphere into fuel and oxidizer for rocket-powered vehicles. It carries a crew of 16 (1 driver, 9 scientists, 6 refinery specialists), as well as a refinery and all the scientific and communications equipment of the standard model. It has been tested to function in both oxygenated and non-oxygenated atmospheres.



Bobcat Industries H.O.M.E.

Compact Adapter Kit

A Dunebug-REF, fully deployed on Laythe.


HOV Variant

The HOV variant is currently undergoing development and mobility tests, with the project goal being a Dunebug that is capable of amphibious operation and faster travel on atmospheric planets. It carries the standard complement of 10, and a full set of instruments and communications equipment. It is capable of both tracked and hovercraft operation, though it suffers from reduced mobility during tracked operation due to the cumbersome hovercraft skirt.

A Dunebug-HOV prototype, in the waters off the KSC. The bulky projection at the aft of the craft is the intake for the skirt.


AIR Variant

The AIR variant is currently undergoing development, with the goal of creating a Dunebug that is capable of limited aerodynamic/buoyant flight in non-oxygenated atmospheres. Project name may be subject to change.


Downloads for currently available variants and other fine Ministry of Improbable Spacecraft products can be found here. All available-for-download Dunebug variants are launchpad-ready, and come equipped with transfer stages capable of reaching both Moho and Eeloo.

Also, please feel free to suggest other variants that we could produce. The Ministry welcomes the input of the public!

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Ok, where is the genius that made that greenhouse component? it looks BRILLIANT!

Not entirely sure - I picked it up in the "Awesome Pictures" thread somewhere... it seems to be getting around, though, there's a version (NOT compatible with the Dunebug) on the Spaceport somewhere...

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