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[1.3] Starshine Industries: Extendable Nozzle

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TweakScale and RealPlume configs available (applies to all my works). Just drop into GameData/StarshineIndustries:

Vinci (KSP 1.3)


My replica of the Ariana 6 Vinci upper stage engine

The extendable nozzle allows for efficient vacuum propulsion without taking up too much space

*Credits to @BahamutoD for BDAnimationModules.dll (CC-BY-SA)

Downloads: Spacedock | Curse

Known Problems

  •  Engine heating effects don't work because of Unity 5, still looking for a fix    *Fixed!*




------- KSP 1.3 -------

 - Adjusted engine TWR 
 - Slight texture changes

 - Fixed engine heating animations

 - Fixed stupid mistake of not including BDAnimationModules.dll in download

 - Release!



Athena Pack (KSP 1.3)

More pics:


Downloads: Spacedock | Curse
Known Problems
  • I have reproduced Athena's asymmetrical fairing design, the downside being half the fairing doesnt show up in the VAB. However, once you launch it the other half appears and everything works *almost* perfectly (sometimes the fairings decide to randomly clip through each other and explode, still looking for a solution. Meanwhile procedural fairings from @e-dog are always a nice if you cant stand my fairings :D).
  • I haven't done the nozzle heating effects yet.




------- KSP 1.3 -------

 - Added heating effects
 - Textures converted to .DDS format 

 - Removed some accidental/duplicate files

 - Separated fairings into 2 parts
 - Increased Castor 120 length to more accurate porportions
 - Edited cfg files for career mode
 - Minor balancing tweaks (TWR, mass, etc.)

 - Release!



------------------------------------------------------------------- Old Stuff (Updating) -----------------------------------------------------------------

Merlin Pack (KSP 0.90)


Merlin 1D and Merlin 1D Vacuum variant


Stock-Like Parts Project(Being Reworked)

Additional tools for killing kerbals.

Javascript is disabled. View full album

Click HERE to download

A remodel of the Twofold is scheduled.


- v0.1: Added Rockomax "Ditto" Engine

- v0.2: Added MP-80 Monopropellant Maneuvering Module

- v0.2.1: Tweaked MP-50 and Rockomax "Ditto" cfgs

- v0.3: Added Rockomax "Vigor" Liquid Engine (Inspired by GregoxMun), and rename the "Ditto" to "Twofold"

- v0.4: Added the Failure Ejection Module and slightly modified some models (Pictures not updated)

- v0.5: Added VUC-329 RCS Thruster and Sepratron II. Tweaked some config files

- v0.5.1: Updated to 0.22, Tech Tree Compatible!

LADEE Development

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Edited by ganinian
uploaded cfg files for TweakScale and RealPlume compatability
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Oh, sweet! A Castor 120 rocket motor, been looking for one for a long time. Also, I forgot about this launch vehicle which I do like, so I'm downloading it now. Looks very nice.

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Thanks everyone for the support! But about the Athena II I'm not really sure, because of the use of solid rocket motors, it may send you OVER your desired altitude. And the payload capacity should be little more than 2 Z-Map satellites

Edited by ganinian
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This rocket works better than my memory, good job on the cosmetics too. I'd call this for me a grade A rocket and can't wait to see more of your work.

Edited by Floki
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I thought all solid booster rockets would be terribly inaccurate, I have never been so wrong! Nice job

i got a Z-MAP equiv made with AIES to a 1 MM by 4 MM highly enclined orbit, now to try with 2-4 in one go!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I do like you stockalike parts. Especially the big RCS one, could be usefull for big stations maneuvers. But could you add some info? Like, is the Ditto engine equivalent to 2 Skippers? (EDIT: in fact it's slightly less powerful) Anyway, I'll keep an eye on your products, Starshine Ind!

(As for suggestions, i'd love some station parts like the UDK-CO serie here, or big stock-like truss sections as on the ISS.)

Edited by Initar
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The models look nice, but the Ditto engine is severely underpowered.

At the moment the Ditto has:

Mass: 5.2 tons

Thrust: 520 kN

Isp: 330-350

A skipper has:

Mass: 4 tons

Thrust: 650 kN

Isp: 300-350

A cluster of 3 LVT-45s have:

Mass: 4.65 tons

Thrust: 600 kN

Isp: 320-370.

To put it another way, the Ditto has a TWR of 10.2. The stock with TWRs like this or lower have a vacuum ISP of 390 or better (with the exception of the ant engine). Likewise, the stock engines with a vacuum ISP of 350 or worse have TWRs of 16.6 or better (again with the exception of the ant engine and the large radial engine, which is the KSP community's least-favorite engine according to this poll).

The way I see it, you have two options:

1. Keep the mass and ISP the same, and increase the thrust to 800-1000 kN, creating an intermediate between the Mainsail and the Skipper (in which case the model might have to be a little longer).

2. Reduce the mass to 3-4 tons, increase the ISP to 320-370, and decrease the thrust to 400-500 kN, creating an intermediate between the Poodle and the Skipper.

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To Initar:

I personally would like to make parts for station-use, but I'd like to go a little more 'stocky' such as a bigger hitchhiker storage. As for the descriptions I like to have people to download and see for themselves :D

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I find that four nuclear engines under a rockomax-sized fuel tank is often handy, why not make one that combines the whole thing? Since shrouds on these sort of builds tend to... destroy everything.

Edited by Ravski
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Those stock-alikes are very nice.

Personally I would like to see some more solar panels, rover wheels, and some more high-efficiency engines. I'm not sure what engines exactly (I'm sure Project Rho has something), but I'd like some interplanetary rockets that use something other than a NERVA for once :P

Edit - Oooh... maybe some landing airbags!

Edited by mushroomman
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I like the new monopropellent engine, don't get why it should have its own built-in fuel-supply however, but that's changable in the .cfg's I assume. either way, great work

That's how the actual LV is. It's used as an orbital adjustment stage, the solid-fuel stages are just to get it roughly in to orbit. That's how a lot of solid-fueled rockets work (i.e. Pegasus, Minotaur III, Vega, etc.) and most of them use monopropellant (typically hydrazine) for an orbital adjustment stage.

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