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Custom Control Pad + Sneak Peek video

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Is there a list of advanced channels identifiers for displays and controls?

So we can create our own custom CCP layouts?

when you download the plugin you will find a text file with all channels used.

Oh my gahd! The app is free! All hands on deck!

Scratch that, that's the lite version.... 39 pesos.

Lite version is fully functional, you just are limited to default app graphics and can't create more than 1 custom layout (but can use the ones provided by default , of which 7 are KSP only ;) )

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Any release date for Android? The ap looks great... but Android now dominates the market at 80% of smartphones and 65% of tablets so the majority of KSP'ers wont be able to use it yet.

I too would like to know, I'd buy this in a heartbeat.

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the joysticks, throttle, and info arent working

Yea... I'm kinda bummed about this. I went to the guys site and tried to get support, but have yet to receive a reply. This seems like a great concept and I've used it elsewhere in windows. I've made a few panels for other games too, but grrrrrr.


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IS there even an ios version available I thought this was dead.

There is still an iOS version on the App store. You should still be able to use CCP to control stuff in KSP but I'm doubtful that you can use it as an information readout because the plugin is out of date.

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Hi, really interesting project.

I can't say I agree with such an app being used for main gaming controls (no haptic feedback as to what control you are pressing), but as a secondary control / feedback system - great!

Out of interest, how does your app emulate joystick on the PC? vJoy?

I wrote an app using vJoy called UJR - I am currently in the process of writing a successor which would include all the features of UJR (Joystick remapping, axis merging, deadzone / sensitivity adjustment, trimming one axis using another...) but for all control types (keyboard, mouse, stick) and in a modular, plugin-extendable format.

Your app has given me an idea. What if I could make my system compatible with yours, such that, for example, you could use CCP to tweak with your input settings without tabbing out of a game. For example flight sim pilots might like to adjust trim levels via CCP - even in a game that does not support that.

The proposed system would also be able to do things like shift-states for buttons, rapid fires, custom macros for specific games etc - all of which have their own UI.

To be able to display the UI of the system on CCP would be very cool IMO.

How does CCP work in terms of the GUI controls? I take it there is a standard set of controls with Android or something and you support those? Is it possible, via the API, to directly read GUI control states from CCP?

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