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I was considering trying to make some parts but have very little 3d modeling experience. Recently I was messing around in Sketch Up and found it to be pretty friendly. Is it possible to make KSP parts in Sketch Up? I looked in the forum for a tutorial but didn't find what I was looking for. I was hoping for some kind of tutorial.

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Appearently Bac9 prefers Sketchup and uses it, and obviously he can get them into KSP

Didn't say it was impossible, but a hassle and not really worth it for someone just getting into modelling. You have to do ALOT of extra stuff to a sketchup model both there and in Unity for it to work.

Not an issue for someone like Bac9, who is a pro and been modelling awhile. More of an issue for someone just starting out.

Do yourself a favor PhatZilla, learn Blender for KSP part, decent tutorials around here, great ones at CGcookie

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