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Remote Guidance Units too weak

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I was wondering if you would improve the performance of the Remote Guidance Units in 0.21, but apparently you haven't. Correct me if I'm wrong but these command parts are unmanned command pods in terms of reaction wheel strength. They're supposed to be used for putting large unmanned craft into space, such as space stations modules, or moving them once in space. For that they need to have similar reaction wheel strengths as the manned pods do, but unmanned and at possibly higher electrical charge consumption than normal probe bodies. Yet the largest of the two has half the reaction wheel strength of the smallest manned pod, meaning it's utterly incompetent at turning large craft/rockets. Right now, they're either bad manoeuvrable unmanned guidance units or large, but bad probe bodies with massive electrical consumption.

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My objection would be to the mass of the reaction wheels.

One of the regular probe bodies+one reaction wheel unit has the same mass as 1 man lander can (0.6). How does this make any sense? you might as well put lander cans on your crafts instead of reaction wheels.

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Actually, the 2.5m remote guidance unit has more torque than the rest of the probe parts now, by a large margin (1.5 torque, compared to 0.3 for most, and 0.2 for the low profile octo and stayputnik). However, I still don't consider that a reasonable balance. Yes it weighs more than the other probes, and it should since it has more reaction wheels. But the Mk1 lander can has twice the torque AND a flight computer AND life support (ok, so life support costs nothing at this time, but you get the point) AND living space for a kerbal, and it fits all of that in a part with only 20% more mass. The 1.25m part masses the same as the other probe parts, so it having the same torque makes sense.

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