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[1.0.2] NovaPunch 2.09. - May 6th - 1.0 Compatibility Update


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What exactly IS NovaPunch?

It was originally the merger of two of the biggest and best rocket packs for KSP; SIDR by NovaSilisko and Wobbly Rockets by SundayPunch. For their own reasons, those projects were discontinued, which was a big loss for the KSP community.

I picked them up and decided to keep them up to date as KSP evolved, and now its become one of the largest packs of parts we have. We have just added parts from a third 'abandoned' pack; The Assorted Hardware pack by CaptainSlug, and they're a great addition to the Nova(Slug)Punch family.

The parts are modeled to resemble 'real life' rocketry parts, though they are not intended to replicate any one specific rocket, merely their functions in this make-believe world of Kerbin. It's not balanced to be a strict simulator; its 'realistic but fun' and a great place to start if you are new to KSP Mods.




The contents of this mod are copyrighted by their respective original authors and released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You can read the full terms of the license on the Creative Commons webpage by clicking the button below:


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

KerbalStuff is offline now, a new site is coming. Here are some download mirrors for the latest version for now:



Or try the Dropbox Mirror

(please use Dropbox as a last resort, it has very limited free bandwidth)

(Note: if you are experiencing memory crashes, you should try the Active Texture Management mod: Click here

it actively reduces the memory usage of all textures in KSP without having to install alternate files. (You will lose some texture quality)


Changelog for 2.09


This release coincides with the release of KSP version 1.0 and deals with many of the changes within the main game. Since many basic systems in the game saw changes, the performance of Novapunch parts will also be different and may require further fine tuning. Below is an overview of the changes:


The old panel fairings are removed as there is currently no way to make them functional with the new aero system. The baseplates and whole nosecones remain for other uses.

Added some clones of the new stock procedural fairings including a bigger 5m variant. They differ from the stock implementation in that that are only 2 half-cylinder pieces, though the vertical sections will still separate. These are a work in progress but should function well enough.

All engines now produce "trench smoke" which is a new feature of KSP 1.0

Almost all engines with gimbals have had their gimbal ranges increased to help deal with aero forces, so long rockets shouldn't flip nearly as easily. The response time of the gimbal inputs is also dampened to reduce SAS-induced wobble. So steering response will seem slower, but is now more capable and hopefully stable. Please report problems.

3.75m Bearcat Triple-Nozzle engines: Thrust increased from 2400 to 2500

2.5m Bearcat single-nozzle engine: thrust reduced from 1400 to 900 to make it a better 2nd stage or radial booster engine.

Advanced Liquid Fuel Booster (2.5m): Thrust reduced from 4000 to 2500, mass and Isp adjusted. It was quite overpowered.

Conical Liquid Booster (Soyuz-type_: Thrust lowered to 800 and other stats adjusted

All parachutes updated to new drag-cube models - performance may be different so test them out before you rely on them

All parts has heat capacity tweaked (lower) - all engines had heat generation rebalanced.

Freyja pod has some built in ablator heashield material, shouldn't need separate part. Odin's heatshield/landing engine part also has ablator but its non-functional (See known issues below)

Lots of config tweaks to fix minor 1.0-caused bugs (attachment points

Known issues:

Engine flameout sounds for some older engines do not work (Stock bug)

Freyja pod floats very low in the water now. (Unknown cause, use pod-torque and SAS to roll onto side to expose door)

Freyja pod may flip to wrong orientation when re-entering atmosphere from space; engaged SAS can overcome this.

Odin Heatshield is too resistance to heat due to fuel load for landing engines. This is a stock issue. For now the Odin Heatshield is just extra effective.




Changelog for 2.08


Fixed transparency on the agency logo files for Tiberdyne and Wobbly Rockets so they appear right in the Manufacturer tab in the parts selector.

Converted the texture for the Bearcat Trinozzle engine from TGA to PNG (You may safely remove the TGA files in that folder only, see installation notes)

Updated the config files for the Heavy and Heavier strut connectors to use the new Compound object method; also fixed slightly weird scaling for them.

Changelog for 2.07


Updated part scaling on several parts broken by the fix in KSP 0.25

Added new images for the Contract Agencies. Thanks to several individuals who submitted them.

Reworked and added the M50 Rocket Engine as a heavy-lifting 2.5m rocket engine.

Changelog for 2.06

Added 5 segment 2.5m Solid Booster

Tweaked ISP for SLS-250 and 4x800 engines

Tweaked masses for all fairing walls and nosecones. Boy were those broken.

Tweaked mass of unguided control system (probe can)

Changed the cost of every part in the pack to adjust for the new part costs mechanic in 0.24s career mode. They are mostly balanced against the stock parts with some adjustment for gameplay purposes

Added 5 agencies that will give out contracts in career mode, both part tests and normal contracts. Part manufacturers in the configs changed to match these agencies. The agency logos are placeholder. If you design logos or graphics and want to contribute, please contact me (Tiberion)

Added test contract modules to various parts. Definitely not all of them, but a good assortment.

Oh... and Porkjet made a superb IVA/Interior for the Freyja command module (3.75m, 6 kerbal capacity) Enjoy!

Lots of config tweaks and mathematics going on in this update. Keep an eye out for broken things or bugs and let me know. Also, please leave any feedback on how the contracts and costs numbers are working for you if you play in career.

Changelog for 2.05:

Final Release

Reduced Adv SRB gimbal ranges

Converted heavy control service to a module (no functional changes, but is tweakable)

Added a disabled alternate config to the Odin Heat shield folder to add smoke back to the landing engines

-replace the current shield.cfg with the .bak file in the same folder.

Beta Supplimental

New Odin2 Heatshield and landing leg model. (Not compatible with

Tweaked Trunk and fairings to fit the new heatshield

Tweaked White version of Odin2 pod.

Tweaked visual texture for top of Freyja pod (hatch alignment)

Note that all craft files are rebuilt, none from previous versions or even the first beta are compatible due to a bug. You'll need to start clean so end all flights with NP parts that have changed. Not responsible for things that break, you were warned! :D

Beta release #1

Parts Removed:

Odin OTV Pod, Trunk, RCS Flightpack, landing leg, stack parachute

3.125m "4x" fairing pieces, including plates and adapters

Old-style stack parachutes

The oldest Thor landing strut

Both old Launch Escape Towers

Parts updated:

All remaining animated landing legs now function fully

All remaining parachutes now function fully.

The old radial chute by Capt Slug is now a drogue chute

The Freyja pod was remodeled

The Freyja trunk now has separate engines you must attach manually (and its texture was tweaked)\

The Freyja RCS/Docking port has a new docking model to match the new NP docking interface.


Parts added:

Odin OTV 2.0 - New pod, heat shield with powered landing engines, landing legs for powered landing, trunk section with fuel and engine attachments (uses 2 Freyja engines), RCS and Docking part for the NP docking interface.

New Soyuz/Shenzou style Orbital module to fly in tandem with Odin (if desired)

New docking port part (1.25m interface) and a 2nd part to go from NP docking interface to stock standard Clamp-o-tron interface

New LES tower (in 2 sizes)

New craft fairings made specifically for a craft construct; Odin OTV w/trunk, Odin OTV w/ trunk and orbital module (2 versions) and Odin + Thor package fairings, as well as a decoupler to use the Odin pod without the separate heatshield part.

New Radial and stack parachutes

Probably more things I have forgotten, please remind me.

Also rebuilt all the craft files.

Added some new flags (some parts have flag decals on them now, which display the mission flag you select. Remember that you can right click the part to toggle the flag visiability via tweakables.

Changelog for 2.04:

This is a full release that incorporates the new engines, tanks, and boosters from their separate test releases as well as various tweaks and bugfixes.

New or modified parts since 2.03.5:

New Russian "N-1" based K1 launcher parts - a set of 4 tanks from 5m up to 1.25m

Matriarch (5m), Little Mother (3.75m), and Micro Mother (2.5m) engines altered to work with the new "K1" launcher tank parts.

New K-2 engines based on the 1.25m engine - a 3.75m upper stage and a 5m 2nd stage engine

New Advanced Heavy Lifter 5m engine (based on the SLS engine)

New 2.5m Advanced Liquid Booster - combine with AdvHL engine to recreate SLS-style flights at the 5m scale.

New 2.5m Advanced Solid Boosters - Segmented boosters in 3 lengths - the longer the booster the more thrust it outputs, their burntimes are all similar (old 2.5m SRBs removed

New 1.25m "Lite" Adv Solid Boosters - Also segmented like the larger booster (old 1.25m SRBS removed)

New longer 0.625m solid booster based on the 'lite' booster

New Payload Assist modules also based on the lite boosters - 0.625 and 1.25m variants. (old 1.25m PAM removed)

New model for the radial liquid booster (new part name/folder, old version removed)

New concical radial booster (soyuz-based) with 2.5m-base engine cluster.

2 new styles of nose-cones - An SSRB-style nosecone and a tapered Atlas SRB-style nosecone - each comes in 3 sizes)

All new parts have been tentitvely placed in the stock science nodes - these are likely temporary based on what is required for the 0.24 career system.

There is a wide array of example craft in the "Ships" folder within the zip file showing some ways to use the new parts.

This also includes various tweaks and bugfixes for things reported since the last release.

Changelog for 2.03.5:

This is an incremental release for compatibility with KSP's ARM patch (KSP version 0.23.5)

Disabled tweakables on engine alternator settings to stop random NaN errors

Fixed collision detection on several fuel tanks

Adjusted stack node sizes to be properly scaled, so they benefit from the new reinforced joints. 2.5m parts should all be size2 and 3.75 and 5m parts are size3.

Tweaked some 3.75 and 5m engine stats. Engines still will not meet the new "stock" 3.75m part efficiency settings because they're simply overpowered at this point, but the NP engines should be usable alongside them now. The tanks are and have been scaled against the stock tanks and are completely interchangeable.

Added the VAB "icon" scaling fix from the previous hotfix download.

Added Freyja Crew Servie Vehicle. 3.75m Pod (crew of 6) with trunk/service module and docking port/RCS parts. No Custom IVA

Rebalanced SAS modules (thanks biohazard15!) - increase mass, torque and power consumption across the board, tweaked attach nodes to reduce wobble.

Slightly tweaked little mother and orbital bertha TWR ratio after some feedback from stupid_chris

Changelog for 2.03:

Includes fixes from the 2.02 mini-patch (drymass tweaks + bug fixes)

Beefed up attachment strengths for some landing legs and radial decouplers

Adjusted parachute drag and deplot values to break less

Made fairings and nosecones FAR-compliant

Fixed rotation on flange pieces and AA-BB strut.

Odin and Thor parts have vacated Science tab and now reside in the Control tab.

Slight boost to large reaction wheel torque and power usage.

Added two new compact NERVA Nuclear engines (by frizzank)

And the two major changes:

Combined some parts using model nodes to reduce the number of folders, models and textures Roughly 20 part folders were removed. This will affect any craft or save files, so you'll have to remove affected parts and start over.

Added all parts to the tech tree nodes for Career mode, allowing you to unlock parts as you perforce science experiments and turn them in for credit. The layout is based on the stock trees, though some techs are available lower due to the number of parts in the pack.

Changelog for 2.02:

Updated engine models for several of the NP engines. Some texture tweaks for those not swapped yet. (You will need to load up old craft files and re-attach the engines properly before launching)

Added SAS computer modules and reaction wheels as appropriate to all Command Pods and Unmanned control units.

Added a new winglet to fit the Bearcat 5x engine as Saturn style stabilizers. Use incremental rotations to align it properly. It will also work on any other attachable surface)

Converted previous SAS modules into a combo SAS Computer/Reaction Wheel module - available for all diameter sizes. (Note you can disable the reaction wheel if you do not want added torque)

Tweaked some SRB balance numbers (thanks to Qerbal for the input)

Removed the old "ASAS" parts from the folder - If you used them on a craft file you'll need to remove them and resave before deleting the NP_ASAS* folders inside of GameData/NovaPunch2/Parts/SAS/

Updated Decoupler mass values.

Changelog for 2.01:

-New models for the size-changing adapter tank parts-

-New models for the 2.5 Orbital Bertha engine-

-Updated animations to fix the leg in the new deployable legs. It should no longer cause the game to grind to a halt.

-New clone of the Thor2 legs in probe size.

-New models for the ASAS/SAS modules (temporary until 0.21 where they will serve as the reaction wheels model)

-Bugfix: Radial stack coupler attachment fixed

-Bugfix: 2.5m x 3m Fuel tank now actually loads into the game. Oops.

-Fixed the improper weight/fuel load in the 1.25m RCS tank.


New in 2.0:

-All files converted to the GameDatabase loading system from 0.20.0; all models converted to .MU format

-Some textures converted to TGA format to combat loading issues.

-New fuel tanks, decouplers, and RCS tanks by frizzank. This is the first round of all new models for the Novapunch parts. Future versions will have new engines and capsules among other things.

-Engines in current versions are re0used from 1.0 and are temporary - they've been re-sized and rebalanced to work with the new tanks.

-New Fairing Base Plates in the 2.5, 3.75 and 5m sizes - artwork by Frizzank to match the new fairing models.

-Lots of small tweaks during the conversion process. Report any issues you find.

NOTES ABOUT THE 2.0 Release:

This is the initial release of Novapunch 2.0 and the new file formats. I am specifically looking for feedback on load times with the pack installed, and whether the "out of memory" crash is happening more frequently.

There could also be a lot of small issues caused by the conversion process that I didn't find, so give things a good look if you have the time, and report what you find.

Also let me know how the engines are working, or if any of them need to be more powerful for common usage (or to be tuned down)


Javascript is disabled. View full album

Frizzank's Updated Parts in 2.0+

Javascript is disabled. View full album



  • SundayPunch - Original parts
  • NovaSilisko - Original parts
  • Captain Slug - Original parts
  • Omnivore (modeling, math & balancing research)
  • Straight Chillen (modeling and configuration)
  • Andras (playtesting and engine balance)
  • TIberion (some stuff)
  • frizzank (NovaPunch resident artist)
  • bac9 (new textures for adapter plates)
  • sumghai (Agency logos
  • Cpt Kipard (Agency Logos)
  • therealcrow999 (Agency Logos)
  • Many people in the forum thread contribute to bugtesting. Special shoutout to biohazard15.


(If I forgot you, yell at me)

This isn't just *MY* project; the work I have done is based on the good work of the original authors. If you feel you have things to contribute to this pack, feel free to contact me or post them for all to see.[*]

Edited by Tiberion
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Removed old changelogs and info. Old changelogs are in the readme in the download. Old versions and the other miscellania from this post can be inquired about via PM with me.

The newly updated Nova Punch mods have been upgraded with several new engine types including some compact Nuclear powered ones. The mods will also integrate in a logical manner into career Mode.

Now, for those already into Career Mode, no problem. The parts will not be available for use until you do the science research on them. For new careers, they will be imminently available on the parts tree in a logical order. If you don't want to use them, as they will give you quite an advantage right away, you can always make them unavailable by moving the mod folder out of the KSP game folder.

Here are some screen shots of what is possible.

Nova Punch One in the first flight of Career Mode


Nova Punch Two in the first unlocked tier of Career Mode. Note, this can achieve low 70K orbit but may leave Jeb stranded if you are not careful.


Some new designs, a SSTO launch vehicle with the new mini four engine. It was SSTO;


And, a NERVA powered interplanetary design with a near SSTO first stage. (Brace well.)


A very small burn from the NERVA completed the 100k orbit.


Note, if you update with the 0.22 release of Nova Punch, expect some older designs to not load or work properly.

Edited by Tiberion
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  • [li]updated the part config files (engines and tanks for now) according to the ratios from the
IKAO thread[/li]

Why would you do that? Make new parts / .cfg\'s with the values according to the IKAO, but don\'t 'overwrite'. At the very least release a version with the original cfg\'s so that old rockets continue working.

* Discussion about 1.75 vs. 2m parts - do we like having both, or would edited models upsizing the 1.75m parts be better?

We want both. There\'ll only be more diameters as the game and mod packs progress. The more options the merrier.

* What additional parts do we need for Mun missions, etc?

Legs, basically.

* Other things.

Gimballing on the engines. Rework some SAS modules to RCS, notably Yawmaster.

Fairing decouplers ( most used parts of these packs I think ) should be a bit less wobbly, possibly have more attachment points?

Name change all the parts so that they don\'t overwrite stuff ( ie are named internally ?) in the rocket builder.

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ah, and as an additional note - I am a bit interested in how the original parts reflect in the IKAO - I assume they where overpowered, as in too light?

I hope you haven\'t touched the engines yet, because those are way too heavy in stock KSP.

Do you have a changelist for what tank you changed from what to what?


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Well, it is a Remix of the two, so its not intended to be installed beside the old version. I suppose I could add a prefix to every internal name so you could have the old one and new one installed together, but you really aren\'t gaining much.

Also: the numbers didn\'t change that much, aside from a few parts which had some weird numbers.

A 'cleaned up' version of the default packs separately too; with the red-texture fix and some folder pre-fixes.

Edit: I added the spreadsheet with the Before and After numbers to the Original post.

Edit2: I did enable gimballing on a lot of the engines, they were in the configs already, I just uncommented them and set the angles. Probably need smaller angles on the big engines for the next version. Once we get some feedback on how the new numbers work I\'ll do some tweaking.

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That is true, renaming the parts would break old ships - as it stands it just updates the stats on the parts, so everything should work fine, at worst you might need to adjust some builds due to weight/power changes.

Right now I don\'t see any parts that need outright removed (aside from breaking off the K1 rocket) so nothing should get broken - just some added/edited parts.

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It\'s not terribly hard to find these packs in their last version(s), separately. While I appreciate the thought/effort to combine them, breaking functionality with existing rockets that use these parts makes this a non-starter, IMO.

Holy Carp, man! Make a new rocket! ???

If the parts are being re-balanced as part of the proceedure, you wouldn\'t want them on your old one anyway. No?

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Thanks for the effort!

My two cents regarding the collection:

The 1,75m stuff I\'d happily drop, except the SAS, which a) looks cooler than anything SASlike we have and B) is incredibly useful, if we could stretch it to 2m. Likewiese the sideways-decoupler, which would be great in having in 2m.

Otherwise I\'d be much in favour for ditching 1,75 in favour of 2-m-Elements.

Again, Kudos for doing what everyone else is just talking about :)

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Thanks to the great and powerful Omnivore, we have our first new part, a double length (5meter) 1m tank, the S100L.

Old tank on top of new tank


Also fiddling with the textures today. Here is a shot of all of the current tanks and their skins. Its a bit of a mess. But each one of them has a fan out there, so I am not sure which direction to go.


I am thinking - make a B&W Saturn-style pattern, and then perhaps release a separate orange-centric texture pack that you could overwrite the other one with. Thoughts?

Here\'s the origin of most of these textures, for reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Saturn_V-Shuttle-Ares_I-Ares_V-Ares_IV_comparison.jpg

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I like the orange tanks, but I don\'t see why there can\'t be both. I\'d say the orange would indicate the tank is insulated (as it already says on the description of at least one orange tank) with a foam coating, and therefore has more thermal and impact resistance at the expense of slightly higher weight and less capacity than a comparably sized white tank.

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