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Making A KAS anchorgrapple.

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Hi guys, I want to anchor a seagoing vessel with the sinkability of the KAS anchor, but the grappability of the Kas Grappling Hook.

The anchor sinks, but the grappling hook does not, So I tried the following:

1. changing the mass of the grappling hook to 10,000

2. moving in the modules from .cfg that allows the functionality of the grapple into a copied anchor .cfg

3. moving 2. the other way round.

none of these work.

any ideas or help?

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Nope, I sorted it out by altlering a probe core's weight to make it extremely heavy, then added it near the base of this Offshore Ocean Drilling platform.

The tanks in the water are bouyant thanks to hooligan airships.

Ocean Drilling Platform.





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