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Good evening fellow make things and cause them to explode enthusiasts.

Today, well yesterday, I have made my own version of the Podracer. With the introduction of the new flight control stabilizers, it is very stable, yet, crazy to fly, making it the perfect choice to procrastinate in!:sticktongue:.

There are two versions of the podracer, being similar but fly quite differently. They also have the ability to take-off and land like a normal sapce plane.. sort of.

Enough with the text, heres some pictures.

Both the short and long versions.



Speed test. Note though at sea level it floats around at about 126 m/s, rear parachute can be removed for another engine but won't have as good a fuel economy.

Sorry about the size, can't read text otherwise.


Forgot to retract the ladder :confused:.


Full album can be found here: http://vongobble.imgur.com/

Craft files



Tips on flying

Fly with the asas ON. Take-off with it Off. except the shorter one, take-off with asas on.

Due to high manuverability, without new asas flight stabilizer, the craft is somewhat more difficult to control but still flyable.

Don't turn too hard or you will become one with the flipping.Can be corrected with asas on but hope you're not too close to the ground.

Has panic stage and moar boosters. Also optional RCS.

Anyways have fun and if I could into space I'd love to podrace on laythe. Maybe someone else could try:wink:...

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C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\saves (edit: this is the steam location, will ned to search else where if not using steem)

if you go into this in your folders (windows)

pick a save

then open persistent (you can use notepad)

scroll down to the bottom (you will be at the bottom of the list of kerbals in the save)

pick a kerbal and just rewrite the name

you can have anakin, luke, vader, etc.

hope this helps with getting anakin kerman

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