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[1.2-1.7] Blender (2.83+) .mu import/export addon


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uh, quite possibly. I remember seeing that particular commit message (I scan the blender commit logs), but haven't tried importing since then. Thanks for the heads-up.

I just checked the commit itself: sure enough, user_preferences -> preferences. Again, thank you.

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@Nucleartaxi: First, the 2.79 branch does not worrk too well on windows (path separator issues: / vs \, silly microsoft (/ works everywhere, including windows, but...)). I've just had confirmation from a windows user that the 2.80 (now master) branch does work on windows. Note that parts that have skinned meshes tend to import incorrectly (WIP)

Second, you need to set your KSP GameData path for craft import to work (the importer needs to know where to find the parts). This is done via the addon's options panel in [User] Preferences ([] because blender recently changed the name). ie, go to [User] Preferences -> Addons -> Import Export: Mu model format (KSP). Set the GameData path to wherever your GameData is (eg, for me: /home/bill/ksp/KSP_linux/GameData/). You can use that folder icon to browse your system.

If you get into part modding, you might want to install the shader prefabs, config templates and color palettes while you're there (hmm, there's a spelling mistake: I have paletes. oops).


[EDIT} oops, except, I still need to fix that user_preferences -> preferences thing.

OK preferences fixed, so the addon will work with the latest builds of blender 2.80.

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@taniwha Just had another error. When trying to import the .craft file of a rover I got these errors:


I narrowed it down to the new RoveMate model that came with KSP 1.6. When trying to import just that .mu file, I got these errors:


If I try to import any other of the new 1.6 models, they work just fine.

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Greetings... I just installed Blender 2.79b and I have Python 2.7.15+ and 3.7.2rc1 on my box (Debian Testing)

Never mind... I installed the 2.80 beta directly from blender.org instead of depending on the Debian package, and it works.

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@Gapone: the easiest way is to clone the repository into your blender addons directory (~/.config/blender/2.80/scripts/addons/ for me on Linux using blender 2.80). If you use the zip provided by github, you will need to remove any periods from the directory name (python does not support periods in package or module names because the period is used as a separator for nested objects).

You do not need python to use the addon, but if you want to use the included stand-alone tools, you will need python.

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@RedPandaz: make sure you're using the correct branch for your blender: master for 2.80 (recent build) or lbender2.79 for 2.79. Beyond that, I will need to see what errors you are getting.

@Gapone: "clone the repository" is how you download the code using git or a graphical git client. It makes a local copy of the repository (in this case, the directory structure on github) including all revision history. Once you've cloned a repository, updating is done by pulling from the repository.

Either way, you will need to click on the big green "clone or download" button, which gives a git command line to clone, or you can download the zip using the provided link. cloning is better because of the ease of updating, but you do need git.

Beware that if you use blender 2.79, you will need to first select the blender2.79 branch before downloading the zip (if cloning, you can use git to switch between branches easily).

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hi! thanks for all you've done and the help you're giving!

i'm trying to get this to run on my macbook, but having problems. here's what i've done:

  • i installed blender 2.8;
  • i downloaded the zip file, of master, from https://github.com/Dasoccerguy/io_kspblender;
  • in blender i did edit->preferences->add-ons then installed the zip;
  • i configured the gamedata path to /Applications/KSP_osx

then, i have the import KSP craft and import KSP mu menu items! great!

however, when i try to import a craft, i get an error (sorry, i literally can't figure out how to paste a screenshot) in model.py line 48

    obj = mdl.instantiate(f"{name}:submodel", position, rotation, scale)
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'instantiate'

location: <unknown location>:-1

does anybody have any ideas, please?

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