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[1.8.1] Docking Port Alignment Indicator (Version 6.8.5 - Updated 12/14/19)

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I know NavyFish (What's the origin of that name, anyway? As a Navy retiree, you've got me curious!) said previously he would rather not present information numerically, so I've been trying to come up with a way to show the range and closure-rate with a horizontal moving arrow on a secondary scale below the crosshairs, but I just don't know if it would work as well as the numbers do.


I see where you're going with that. It's not a bad idea, but I think at this point the simplest way to present the closure velocity is numerical. Our brains are used to viewing forward speed numerically, so I think that that method is probably the simplest way to communicate that information. But thank you for the effort!

Regarding my name, I've PM'd you some details, but in short, I'm currently an active duty 1320 in the Navy, flying the E-2C.

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I tend to agree, actually. For distance and closure-rate, the numerical display is more precise and (probably) more useful than the graphical one.

But I do like exploring options. :)

I was in P-3s... Now a contractor supporting PMA-290 at Pax River.

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I think the system, as it is now, is pretty perfect. Aside from maybe having a small bit of text to tell you the velocity required to reduce in order to match the targets for both X, Y and Z

I appreciate that. You'll be pleasantly surprised how effective the velocity vector is in conjunction with the CDI lines, though. Tangential velocity numbers are really not needed. While testing, I'm consistently getting lined up on course at 20 meters, cancelling out my translation, then setting a CVEL of .2 and coasting the rest of the way with zero additional input. It's almost too easy.

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Regarding my name, I've PM'd you some details, but in short, I'm currently an active duty 1320 in the Navy, flying the E-2C.

SIDEBAR: My father was a 36-year USN officer (Supply Corps). As a USAF 2nd LT, I read his retirement orders at his retirement ceremony. I was USAF for 10 years.

THANK YOU for serving!!!

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Former Navy 1110 nuke here. Good to know I'm in good company even if you all do wear those ugly brown shoes.

One of Rickover's boys? Excellent.

BTW. Best kept Navy secret? Best chow is aboard the carriers. My father was on the Coral Sea (CVA-43) at the start of Vietnam. In port at Alameda, we'd visit him and hit the chow line.

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Who let the snipes out?

We occasionally become useful. Our well-adapted night vision from those endless weeks belowdecks comes in handy on those night-time OOD watches.

Man, if carrier chow is the best there is, I feel really bad for the folks onboard small boys! That stuff gets old after 2 weeks, let alone 8 months. But at least we had hot meals 3 times a day.

Yeah, I seem to recall 15 different ways to cook chicken repeated endlessly. Sometimes we'd have important visitors and the MS's would show us that they were capable of transcendence, but I think that was mostly to taunt us.

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Don't want you bug you NavyFish, but any idea about an ETA for 2.0? I'm itching to do some shuttle dockings with it for an ISS project I'm working on.

Actually, I just finished the code for 2.0. I'm refactoring it a bit to clean up the execution, but I plan to release it tonight. Couple hours tops.

EDIT: Found a bug :/ still squashing.

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Our brains are used to viewing forward speed numerically

Only the faster you go, lest you get fined for speeding. The slower you are, it's all about stereo vision and edge recognition. Derived from that, relative positioning and its rate of change; so if not the last choice, I don't think numbers are the first choice for speed visualisation, either. At least in this application.

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Docking Port Alignment Indicator Version 2.0 Released!!



  • Automatically pops-up when you target docking port.
  • Requires no special parts! Use it on existing ships with ease.
  • Provides orientation indicators for yaw, pitch, and roll.
  • Displays a “Turn Towards†arrow when alignment is too far off.
  • Displays “Course Deviation†from your target’s approach centerline.
  • Displays distance to target, closure velocity.
  • Visually depicts translational movement with respect to centerline.
  • Easy-to-read, simple gauge. No numbers or head-scratching!


Version 2.0:

  • Added Course Deviation Indicators (CDI)
  • Enhanced precision of roll indicator
  • Added Translational Velocity vector
  • adde closure velocity and distance readouts
  • added settings menu
  • Increased precision of alignment indicator with exponential scaling
  • Retouched all graphics

Version 1.0:

  • First Release

New Video showing off the added features in 2.0!

SpacePort Link

**Please note that the SpacePort page is currently broken. It is not accepting edits, so not only displays an old image, but also reports very outdated installation instructions. Please reference the Readme.txt included with the download for proper installation instructions. Thank you for understanding!**

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Along with the display, a debug console also pops-up. Under GameData, the install folder is called "NavyFish". In the previous version, the folder was called "DockingPortAlignment". Is there something I need to set so as not to get the debugger?

Here is the directory structure:










Note: names with "->" are folder names

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This is amazing - it's even more than what I imagined it could be. Your original plugin was great but this is perfect - visually appealing, providing all the information one would need without being obtrusive or too "busy" in appearance. I nominate this for Best Plugin EVAR. :cool:

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There shouldn't be two DLL files. I recommend deleting "NavyFish" as well as the original "DockingPortAlignment" folder from 1.0, then doing a fresh install.

I did delete the old version directory. Odd.

A fresh install did the trick.

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