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Looking for games that don't require .NET Framework 4/Visual C++

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So I'm sure this is a sin to say in this forum, but... KSP is getting boring to me. Just more... frustrating than boring.

I need to find other games like KSP (well not exactly like it, but games that run like it). You see, KSP and Minecraft work on my, how you say, "half dead" computer. Something happened to the motherboard, and trying to install AAA games and what they require, causes my computer to have an "allergic reaction" and "violently sneeze" out BSODs.

I have yet to isolate the issue, but it seems that as long as I play either game and don't use Antivirus software, I'm fine. You may think this is a virus. I've reinstalled Windows 7, five times. Each time was a complete clean install. Maybe it's what a virus did to my motherboard that caused it. *shrug*

So anyway, I'm looking for games, as I said, that will work like KSP and Minecraft do. Both games are Indie (I think KSP is Indie, anyway. Know Minecraft is), so... I need suggestions, if you don't mind. :)

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Install .NET Framework? Just Google it and go to the first link from Microsoft. Install the package and you're done. Also, if you think your motherboard is broken (something that a virus can't do, by the way) I advise you to buy a new computer or at least a new motherboard.

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I should had stated in the OP (always forgetting important details) that I'll have parts coming soon, that may or may not fix this issue.

I just want something that won't require .NET Framework 4 and Visual C++. I feel these two are the culprits.

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