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[0.22] Universe Replacer v4.0


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Universe Replacer



(License: All rights reserved)

Universe Replacer v4.0

Universe Replacer v4.0 src

(Older version)

Universe Replacer v3.2

Universe Replacer v3.2 src

Texture Packs






Universe Replacer is a plugin that allows you to created texture packs for KSP.

Replacing things like the Skybox, Celestial bodies and surfaces, Kerbals, Stock Parts and GUI textures - you can turn your KSP sessions into stunning new visual experiences.

Special Features

Additionally to the core purpose of replacing textures, this plugin currently offers a variety feature for Kerbal Heads, EVA Suits and EVA Helmets.

Meaning if you add more than one texture, it will randomly assign them to each Kerbal. Out of technical reasons, it is not possible to uniquely assign textures to Kerbals - the process is random.


The finished installed directory should be: 'KSP/GameData/UniverseReplacer/' for the mod and 'KSP/GameData/UniverseReplacer/Textures' for texture packs.

You will have to download and install a texture pack extra, it is not included in the plugin.


You can either download or create your own texture pack. Inside the '/UniverseReplacer/Textures/' directory of the plugin is a empty folder tree with files at each end called "Texture List.txt". Inside them are the textures listed that can be placed in that folder which will then replace the originals. I recommend using the format PNG for both alpha and non alpha channel needing textures. (see here for an explanation).

For the more advanced users, if you wish to replace textures that are not yet officially supported, you can find a "UniverseReplacer.cfg" file in the PluginData directory which creates the aliases for the original textures.


Please do not publicly redistribute the plugin, this thread is for the time being the only legitimate place to acquire it. Also, I would like to remind everybody that it is against the Plugin Posting Rules to distribute the original, non-part KSP assets, if you need them as a reference for creating new textures, you can extract them from the '\KSP_Data\*.assets' files using tools.

If you create a texture pack and wish to share it, please create a "Show Case' post in this thread and link to it though the subreddit /r/KSPTexturePacks/.

Future Plans

Currently planned for the future is to bring at least support to exchanging planet surface textures, stock parts and GUI.

More will most likely come, who knows what the future will hold beyond simple texture swapping :).

Useful Information

Template for creating Skyboxes

How celestial body textures are put together

Recommended texture formats, benchmarks and PNG with an ALPHA channel explained

Getting your hands on original textures

Web maps of all bodies

Change log

v1.0 - Initial release

v1.1 - Will now unload the overridden and unused texture, freeing up VRAM.

v2.0 - Redid the plugin, turning it into a true Universe Replacer. You can now replace any texture. Currently officially supporting the Skybox, Kerbin and Minmus - future updates will bring more.

v2.1 - Various performance improvements and fixed the lag issues when dragging a vehicle around in the editor or moving the mouse over buildings.

v2.2 - Further performance improvements. Added support for the Sun's corona and space appearance of all planets and moons. (here is a bit of information on how planet and moon textures work)

v3.0 - Fixed the compatibility issue with other mods like Kethane 0.75. Added support for StockPart Pods and Kerbals, also added a variety feature that will give Kerbal heads a random appearance - see 'Textures/Kerbals/Texture List.txt' for the head naming convention. (sorry, can't change the appearance based on a unique Kerbal - so random is the best we are going to get at the moment)

v3.1 - Small update due to a lot of people retexturing Kerbals. Added support for the Kerbal EVA Jet-pack and the missing EVA normal map

v3.2 - Added the same kind of variety feature that Heads use to EVA Helmets and EVA Suits. Remember that the process is random so when you design textures, make sure each suit looks fitting to each helmet. EVAHelmet was renamed to EVAHelmet1 and EVASuit to EVASuit1, you will need to update your texture names.

v4.0 - Added new feature that re-creates the Celestial bodies with texture filtering/mipmaping, no more pixely noise or artifacts in the distance - this increases loading times but is necessary. Decreased memory usage when loading the game, will now instantly replace and unload overridden textures when the original is loaded, and not wait until all originals are loaded. Fixed issue with the EVASuitNormalMap bugging up the rest of the EVASuit textures.

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Yes! Thank you! I've been waiting for a mod to do EXACTLY this for soooo long! I've been making digital space art for years, and I've wanted to replace the skybox with my own, low-key starfield for ages.

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Amazing. But, what happens if I want the old skybox back? (which I doubt.)

Can I just delete the UniverseReplacer folder?

(Also, should I delete the skybox reference, or leave it there?)

You can either remove it completely, rename the UniverseReplacer folder to _UniverseReplacer or rename the /Textures/ folder. If the plugin fails to load one of the 'UniverseTex_*.jpg' images, it will do nothing and leave the default skybox in place.

Also the 'skybox_reference.jpg' is unneeded, you can delete it, it's only for content creators and has nothing to do with the functionality of the plugin.

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Very cool. I always disliked that cartoon background.

Is this a step to replacing or adding other textures.... ie modifying planets?

skybox has nothing to do with planets or scaledspace, not in the way your thinking at anyrate

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This looks so awesome!

But are there any drawbacks? Could this add to lag at all?

And would you be able to put it as a .zip rather than a .7z for those of us who don't have winzip?

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