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Where is the Neil Armstrong memorial?



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It's actually somewhat to the northwest of the Apollo 11 landing coordinates. If you approach it from the southeast, there's going to be one hell of a downhill along the way...lost three turd rovers that way just last night.

I feel your pain...I spent the better part of a week looking for the stupid thing in 0.21. Anomalies ain't as bright and shiny as they were in 0.20.

I did write down the coordinates and I can PM them to you, but I'm not at home right now. If no one answers the question directly in the meantime, I'll send the coordinates your way.

Alternatively, use kerbalmaps.com. The one you want is on the south side of that crater in the middle of the map.

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google Apollo 11 landing coordinate

search returns:

Apollo 11 - Mare Tranquillitatis

Lunar Landing Time 4:17:40 p.m. EDT, July 20, 1969

Landing Site Coordinates 0.67408° N latitude, 23.47297° E longitude


plug the coordinate into mechjeb landing guidance to make the landing site your target.

proceed to land by hand or automation

(it's actually not hard to spot it from the sky... it's pretty visible at ~1000m altitude)

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Call up Mün and turn on anomalies

It's the one at 0.7027 : 22.7470, towards the south side of the Northwest Crater.

In the five months since my last post, it's become one of my favored Münar landing sites...

The terrain around it is hell, just a heads-up.

Just so you know, the admins have a tendency to squash thread necromancy; they prefer you start up a new one if you've got a gameplay question (even if it's a question that's been answered before). Not a problem really, but I figured you should know.

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Not in game right now to grab a screenshot, but I can get you mostly there and a bit of help finding it. Hopefully somebody can give a wee bit more detail.

1. Firstly, it is near the equatorial belt. This doesn't exactly narrow it down, but next point will

2. It is on the south side of one of the large craters.

3. If you wish to find it, and if waiting for somebody to post up a pic, I recommend sending a small probe on a low orbit around the mun at equator. You should see it as a flickering object if your graphics are not turned to minimum

Really, this is how I found it by accident. I landed in a crater, but up a slope a bit. I could see something beyond the terrain scatter (boulders) that was quite far away. Many KM of rover travel later (I shoulda just flown there.... way to much quicksave) I found the memorial.

I really hope my memory is correct :P

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kerbalmaps.com will help a lot.

But getting the exact coordinates is only half the fun if you don't use MJ or any landing predictions to land spot on it. :D

The method for target landing I use in my career before getting access to MJ (or while playing stock with a fresh new KSP version) is inspired by what the real guys did to land on the Moon :

  • I usually check kerbalmaps.com to locate the exact coordinates and its surroundings, and I use it to draw a paper map (better for my memory) of the surrounding landscape, with the craters and other features annotated and their approximate positions in relation to my target.
  • Then, I rotate the map so that I can study it from the same point of view as I will have when approaching it (usually way too fast and from the west :D).
  • I try to name and learn all the features relevant to my approach by heart and picture mentally what the ground will look like during my approach, so that I don't have to get back to my map in the heat of all this landing action.

For example, my Neil Armstrong Memorial map shows the edge of the big crater, some cliffs to the south of and a bunch of craters (some overlapping, some not) with a cross-hair labelled "Land here damnit!" between two of them.

The landing usually goes "Ok, here's the big crater. Now, I've found 'Bullseye' (two concentric craters) with another crater overlapping it. I have to land just behind the overlapping crater."

A few more notes :

  • Drawing on paper and naming features helps my memory a lot, I've noticed.
  • You can also make a VERY low pass over your target before landing to try to familiarize yourself with the actual landscape and compare it to your map before the landing.

Of course, this method works better on heavily cratered bodies. I've tried this on Duna and the lack of features of the planet ("damn you erosion!") left me with no other option than roving to the target coordinates.

Yup, way less immersive this way... :D

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