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Don't allow execution of multiple KSP.exe

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KSP needs to look for the existence of other ksp.exe in memory and abort if there's already one running.

This morning I accidentally held the enter key down too long. Not sure how but that's the only thing I can think of that makes sense because when I returned expecting that KSP would be up and running, instead I saw that multiple (almost 10) instances were trying to execute.

Needless to say, none of them were successful....

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Running two copies of could be really useful, I think. Instead of just sitting there watching a 30 min ion engine burn, or waiting for Mapsat to scan, you could start another instance of KSP and tinker around in the VAB. I'm not sure how running two copies with the same save file would work out. But you could easily make something and just import it to your main save.

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I think that it should actually terminate the program and free up the memory it uses once you close it. Often, in the past, I have seen 5 copies of KSP.exe that are still running, sucking up >100000K Memory, in the Processes tab in Task Manager, even though I had only one window open.

This would allow only one KSP.exe per KSP window to run, which is basically your suggestion (I only added 3 words: per KSP window)

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