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RocktCo Industries & Munar Institute of Technology. Soyuz and Kerbabl lander v1.2


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as i recall, in older versions of KSP the stability of connection between parts on larger rockets was very, very poor (hence the old "wobbly rockets pack) the easiest fix for this (it seems) was to scale down the values by 10% which actually worked incredibly well, though i do agree in the current age of more stable large builds the down scaling is probably not necessary.

if you want to see how bad it used to be look at the "Novapunch" pack and double the instability, it used to be a real challenge just getting something this big off the pad let alone get it into orbit.

Yeah this was the case, says it right there in the OP in red.

In any event, I've modified this back to bring it up to date with the new engine & fuel parameters, as well as scaling it to the actual size of the soyuz rocket. This means its not very compatible with other parts as Soyuz has weird dimensions like, 2.68m dia for the first stage tanks, 2.95m for the main, 2.6m for the third. I also used the real ISP values for the thrusters and I gotta say this thing is pretty close to preforming how it does in RL. The first stage burn times are damn near the RL value of ~70 seconds. The second stage is off a bit, but that is because theres no way to throttle it down alone during the first stage burn. All in all its very true to form, a Simple & stable rocket for getting a craft into a low orbit of about 200-300km.

If deus gives me permision I'd be happy to uploaded a zip with the .cfg files for people to use.

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Link for the cfg edits doesn't work too well, mate, at least for me. Any chance you can fix that, or is that something on my end? Thanks

Also, ld love to see this mod coupled with the Noyuz mod that's floating around, but it'll take another round of edits for that, I'd think

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I posted this on page 16 of this thread:

I really love this pack, but I hated that you couldn\'t mix and match it with other addon parts because of the thrust and mass values. So I have made a set of rebalanced .cfg files that I am posting with Deusoverkill\'s permission.


These cfgs are balanced so that the Soyuz rocket can now launch a Noyuz spacecraft into Kerbin orbit. If you want to send something to the moon, you\'ll need to use a more powerful upper stage, like the Angara 1.25m from the Kosmos pack. Burn durations for each stage are similar (in Kerbal scale) to the real durations on a Soyuz launch, and the actual thrust, mass and consumption ratios are closer to usual KSP standards, which allows you to mix the Soyuz parts with other addons.

Download it here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20340764/Soyuz%20Rebalanced.zip

There is also a ready-built Soyuz U.craft in the pack to use with the Noyuz. Enjoy :)

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I just wanted to congratulate you for this rocket.

It is for me the safest, most stable, the most beautiful.

Perhaps the payload is still a little small, but my space program evolves with success,

thanks for your works.


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