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RocktCo Industries & Munar Institute of Technology. Soyuz and Kerbabl lander v1.2


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Whoa! I really wasn't expecting this to be updated. A great mod pod WITH EVA support? I loved the Soyuz Rocket before this, now this is brilliant! Deus, you are now one of my favorite people on this forum. :)

Actually, I just ate my own words. I might be able to make a hatch. But no ladders as of yet. :)

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Hah, well, I was hoping for a resize (to fit a 3 man module), but you take what you can get, I suppose.

Resize is pretty easy.

EDIT: Dues will have to add the hatch. He compiled them all into .mu files.

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Nope. You have to add a hatch and there is barely any instruction on how to work parttools .16 as of now.

Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge Devs.

You can EVA with this lander now.

The lander fuel tank has to be rotated 180 degrees so using the ladder makes more sense (Otherwise the Kerbal climbs on nothing :P)

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sup people, thanks so much for your comments!

it's nice to see that this one still have some fans =)

for those of you who want to put some hatches and ladders here is a nice tutorial on how to do it using the new part tools thanks to DYJ.


just remember to do it exactly as the tutorial says; using the material shaders provided in the unity package and naming

the user layer 21 as "Part Tools" is a most if you want to make them work.

another important thing i did, is that the meshes used as collision for hatches and ladders can be made directly in unity

(no need to do them in your modeling software and mess with pivot setup), just use a standard box from unity,

and move, scale and rotate it until it fits your needs. if you could do hatches, ladders are easy;

just be aware of the pivot directions. in any case just follow the tutorial carefully.

Thanks again! and hope this little info helps.

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Also, the conical tank decouplers need to be tweaked, they don't make a Komarov Cross anymore.
They do for me, strange. I'll always see this parts pack as wasted potential as long as it uses unconventional part stats. I love the custom lander and I love taking this baby to the moon but I'll always feel pangs of sadness at not being able to use the Noyuz mod or any other mods/custom builds with this rocket system. :(

I understand it was done for stability and it sure shows but still...one can dream that this mod will get properly integrated into KSP.

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It's simple and I recommend it simply because of its surefire dependency if you want to get to the moon and its quality looks. It doesn't add more than 15 parts I'd say, but that's a guess. I've still found a few of the items, like the pod/lander decouplers to be universally useful. Some of the fuel tanks are useful for cheating thanks to their nonexistent weight but exorbitant fuel capacities. You can also slap the lander onto just about any launch system, but the rocket itself is useless for anything beyond launching the lander...as I keep mentioning. :P

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