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A Hatch / Airlock you can place on the craft.

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I would really appreciate a hatch / airlock a player could click on a EVA any Kerbal in the craft, one that can be placed anywhere on the ship like a separate part so you dont have to be force to work around the limited hatch placements on the command pods / lander cans.

Have the part in multiple variants to allow for radial mounting, and stack mounting, with some various sizes for versatility. This part would neatly allow for Kerbals to EVA at more logical parts of a craft / station than just a single hatch where the Kerbal is currently in.

A nice bonus would be placeable windows / view ports as well, a neat piece of detail would be to be able to click on the window / view port and select any Kerbal on the craft which would show a Kerbal silhouette in the window / view port.

A extreme version would have a limited IVA which only shows the border of the window / view port and the view out of that window / view port (so you wouldnt need to render the inside part, just the view from a kerbal who is looking out the window / view port).

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Not to be nasty here but...

I am not asking for help with an issue here, I am suggesting something I think can be a good and logical addition to the game.

The Crew Manifest will not help in issues where the hatch will be covered by the craft or the whole design would have to be compromised to allow access to the hatch of a can or pod (unless I add another module with a hatch , like the Hitchhiker).

My idea is to allow the designer to place, as a separate part, a alternative entry / exit to the craft so the crew can still access the command pod / lander can even if the pod / can is embedded into the craft in such a manner as to block the built in hatch.

Example : The 1 man lander can is a ideal (in my opinion) cab for a lunar rover at the front of such a vehicle but you would have to either have the can perched on top of the vehicle or leave access room behind the can to allow a Kerbal to exit / enter the vehicle... either method leaves holes in the design (I know, I have tried such designs).

My idea would allow me to use a radially mounted hatch on the side of the vehicle with minimal fuss, a stacked hatch would allow for space stations with exits / entries near docks and / or equipment (such as RCS tugs, KAS equipment, etc etc).

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Hi ASnogari,,

If I'm understanding your EVA hatch request, Devo did just this type of hatch for me. Here's the link to his development page. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/24677-%280-21-x%29-Wayland-Corp-Development-and-released-download-Thread

The hatch is called Port-O-Hatch. The animation is pretty cool, but I kept encountering a problem.

The exiting Kerbal turns sharply to the left and drops like a stone no matter which hatch I used. Also "grab" is a bit tricky. Last time I tested it was in 0.20.2.

Devo is currently eyeball deep in the Infernal Robotic project and updating his sci-fi models, so I don't know when or if he'll correct the issue. Plus there isn't a lot of demand for this type of hatch.

Anyway, here's my original request thread. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/35506-Stick-anywhere-round-airlock-request It details the issue I was having.

I don't know the etiquette among Modders is or even if it is cool to ask another Modder to create their own version of a "Stick'em EVA Hatch" if Devo has lost interest or doesn't have the time, but I for one would not be opposed if someone else decided to do a simple hatch even without those cool animation. I did send Devo a PM letting him know I was going to reply to your post so not to step on any toes. The guy is really a good modder.

Hopefully, he'll find the time to reorient the axis arrows in Unity, which is what I think the problem is, but I'm no modder. Or maybe another modder will take pity on us and do another one.

See ya in the Black.

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Thanks for the heads up Voidryder, however I would rather it not be a mod if it can be helped thats why I put my suggestion here instead of the addon section.

Extra addons means less portability between players, and you always run the risk the mod author gets tired of development and / or tired of KSP and leaves.

I already have too many addons as it is : Mechjeb, Chatterer, Aviation Lights, IR (with DR parts), Lazor Mod + Lazor Mod camera... and I am looking into a parts addon as well some stage.

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Hi ASnorgarD,

The Port-O-Hatch sounds like what you are asking for -a separate part that can be surface attached to another part creating a EVA hatch. LackLuster has an airlock like that but it a bit too sci-fi for me. Hope that helps. Good Luck.

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