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Building colonies and minning

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When we're in career mode I imagine we will have a lot colonizing and minning elements and I have a suggestion to how it works.


If you want to establish a colony you need to send some storage modules with the proper materials. When you have enough materials in an area you can build a base. Now you can place the center building in the vicinity as long as it's flat enough. After that it works like a building sim. You can build VABs, launch pads, runways, mine stations, habitats etc. Many have made a similar suggestion for KSC. The difference from KSC is that you have to bring materials to the base to build things.


The different celestial bodies have some unique minerals. They're more concentrated in some areas so colony placement is also important (And can add a challenge). Some parts need specific materials which can only be produced on those planets, which means you have to ship them back to KSC to use them.

What do you think of my idea? :D

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We're undoubtedly going to have mining in the game eventually...maybe even in another patch or two. However, I don't know how complex it'll be. There was a really good resource flow chart that they posted a while back, but supposedly it was deemed too complex and they more or less canned that idea. It would've been PERFECT, though, not going to lie...and they could've made it seem a lot simpler than it looked in that big flow chart by introducing some elements(water, oxium, propellium, etc..) first BEFORE introducing mining bits. Then you'd only have to worry about one or two resources which is really simple...then after you understood those, adding another wouldn't be too hard to grip. Then another and so on until you're a master of the resource flow chart. Just like any game element that seems too complex for people to understand. I mean, that's what KSP is all about.

Either way, they'd also mentioned potentially leaving expansive or complex mining operations to an expansion pack. They kind of said the same for colonization. We'll have bases and things like that, but not full-on colonization in KSP1.0. Of course, when they mentioned expansions/DLC, everyone went insane for a week....so I couldn't tell you what exactly they're planning in those areas for the time being.

But you can bet that there'll be(and already are) mods for those types of things. So yay~

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