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[1.1]Hullcam VDS - mod adopted by linuxgamer

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** linuxgamer has adopted this mod. Downloads and support can be found here **

Hullcam VDS - A Mechjeb hullcam fork

Hullcam let's you add different cameras(black and white, grainy tv, nightvision, etc) to any part of your vehicle or construction.

Docking ports have special docking cameras now and you can also see through the eyes of your Kerbals in EVA.

Scroll down for a video demonstration of the new filters.


Next camera: - (Minus)

Previous camera: = (Equals)

Exits hullcam view: Backspace

You can change these keys by editting \Gamedata\HullcameraVDS\Plugin\settings.cfg

Please don't forget to delete any previous version before installing the latest one and back up your saved game

Download version 0.52


Source code available under GPL license

Version history


V0.52 - 1-April-2016
- Test version for 1.1

[URL="http://www./download/jbbveyx511ss9a8/HullCameraVDS.V0.51.zip"]V0.51 11-Nov-2015[/URL]
- Compiled against 1.0.5

[URL="http://www./download/9d48lgtstjaybdq/HullCameraVDS.V0.50.zip"]V0.50 10-Aug-2015[/URL]

- Added a modified version of bernierm's MovieTime.
- Added docking camera, filters and target readouts to all docking ports.
- Added new camera: "Kazzelblad 500". This camera uses a black and white filter.
- Added new camera: "NightVisionCam". This camera uses a night vision filter.
- Added black and white filter to "Basic Hull Camera Deluxe".
- Added grainy color TV filter to "BoosterCam".
- Rearranged of every camera in the tech tree. It starts of with black and white and better camera's can be unlocked later on.
- Fixed camera from starting in max zoom. Camera's now start at minimum zoom.
- Fixed cycle buttons "-" and "+", cycling to the main camera works now as intended.
- Fixed bug where the main camera would get stuck if a non-current vessel camera it got passed 2.5km. Camera will now exit to the main camera if before it's 2.5km away.
- Fixed a loading bug which would break cycling to a camera.
- Other small fixes.

[URL="http://www./download/w474lb85u6mbs9i/HullCameraVDS.V0.40.zip"]V0.40 8-May-2015[/URL]

- Added wide angle camera
- Added EVA view for female Kerbals
- Fixed DDS alpha layers
- Cameras start up with their minimum zoom
- Fixed cycle back key when main camera is active
- Removed unneeded MBM file

[URL="http://www./download/mmrzx0dj5t53444/HullCameraVDS.V0.34.1.zip"]V0.34.1 1-May-2015[/URL]
-Fixed Navcam overlay transparency

[URL="http://www./download/n231axbn03qzmac/HullCameraVDS.V0.34.zip"]V0.34 29-Apr-2015[/URL]
- Compiled against 1.0
- Converted textures to DDS, mod size went from 30MB to 13MB
- Fixed attachment node for the telescopes Pictozoom 2000 and 1000

[URL="http://www./download/dtl1pgmp8mjghzc/HullCameraVDS.V0.33.zip"]V0.33 16-Dec-2014[/URL]
- Compiled against 0.90
- Fixed spelling error in settings.cfg

[URL="http://www./download/s85bgm2aysvdg3k/HullCameraVDS.V0.32.zip"]V0.32 13-Oct-2014[/URL]
- Compiled against 0.25

[URL="http://www./download/ae4r17886vropno/HullCameraVDS.V0.31.zip"]V0.31 7-Sep-2014[/URL]
- Compiled against 0.24.2

[URL="http://www./download/6a37u1ept7mm5dp/HullCameraVDS.V0.2.9.5.zip"]V0.3 7-Jun-2014[/URL]
- Fixed a bug which broke returning to the main camera when using action groups
- Added assembly info

[URL="http://www./download/6a37u1ept7mm5dp/HullCameraVDS.V0.2.9.5.zip"]V0.2.9.5 29-Apr-2014[/URL]
- Converted Pictozoom 2000 Telescope and Basic Hullcam Deluxe to MU

[URL="http://www./download/ozyt8zqyx6ei91c/HullCameraVDS.V0.2.9.2.zip"]V0.2.9.2 20-Apr-2014[/URL]
- fixed a bug which accidentally slipped in

[s]V0.2.9.1 21-Apr-2014[/s]
[s]- Compiled against 0.23.5[/s]

[URL="https://www./?avfbvdc245jvfdy"]V0.2.9 30-Dec-2013[/URL]
- Added the new camera science module, from L-tech Science, to every camera.
- Added the following new cameras made by Rubber Ducky:
- Launchpad camera - made for being set up around the launchpad for great views of lift-offs. Future update will have a moving version.
- ScienceCam - just a basic all-purpose camera
- NavCam - tiny with a wide FOV, mainly for piloting rovers. Has a static-y overlay built into the model.
- BoosterCam - a variation of aerocam; two cameras built in, facing up and down.

[URL="https://www./?otbgzbtbpt23ywc"]V0.2.8 18-Dec-2013[/URL]
-Small compatibility update

[url=http://www./?1b7i24nwbx7x5oy]V0.2.7.1 27-Oct-2013[/url] 
[URL="http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/53813-0-22-L-Tech-Scientific-Stuff-V1-5"]-Added support for the L-Tech Scientific Stuff mod[/URL]

[url=http://www./download/2a7vwd3dd4gcxx7/HullCameraVDS-0.2.7.zip]V0.2.7 25-Oct-2013[/url] 
-Map bug fixed by a.g. (skybox bug remains)
-Added all parts to the tech tree.
-Added Ordan Industries Telescopes(with permission of hubbazoot and added them to Unmanned Tech.
-Added part Basic Hullcam Deluxe and to Science Tech.
-Added Aerocams to Aerodynamic Systems
-Added Kerbpro to Field Science

[url=http://www./download/2a7vwd3dd4gcxx7/HullCameraVDS-0.2.5.zip]V0.2.5 15-Sep-2013[/url] 
-Made the keys configurable using the same config syntax as the game itself. The included config file is the one I made for dvorak, while the default without any config replicates the original behavior. The config can be dropped anywhere in GameData.
- Added a check that the current camera is flight, using a CameraManager object referenced in e.g. SteamGauges code. This lets it interact nicely with stuff like IVA views.
- Fixed unreliable action of next/prev keys. The problem was using "-=" instead of "&= ~" to remove a bit.
- Try to replace the map view hack with manually saving and restoring a couple more properties. It seems to work, although I can only guess at the full purpose of the map view hack.
- Glitchy switching between multiple cameras with next/prev keys because they all tried to handle the key.
- Crash if exiting to space center while a camera is active.
- Changed "next camera" and "previous camera" keys to - and = (Minus and Equals)
- Changed "exit hullcam view" key to Backspace. 
- Added areocam180 part, which has a 180 rotated camera view.
- Tweak the areaocam and areocam180 field of view.

[URL="http://www./download/n9gp33vatmt0o6j/HullCameraVDS-0.2.1.zip"]V0.2.1 10-Sep-2013[/URL]
- Added aerocam, an aerodynamic side mounted camera.

[URL="http://www./download/a28g7dkmjkux33k/HullCameraVDS-0.2.zip"]V0.2 23-Aug-2013[/URL]
- Changed cycle keys to O and P
- Pressing V will exit hullcam view
- Added KerbPro Camera (created by sirkut)

[URL="http://www./download/idcb8ark8jpc5w7/HullCameraVDS-0.1.zip"]v0.1 16-Aug-2013[/URL]
- Made Mechjeb hullcam into a single hullcam.dll
- Fixed camera bug when returning to VAB/SPH.




Command Pod MK-1 with hullcam on the bottom looking at dropping heatshield.


Hullcam view of the bottom of a rocket.









Action groups:

Zoom in

Zoom out

Activate Camera

Deactivate Camera

Next Camera

Previous Camera

Planned features:

Manley mode.

Movable cameras through numpad.


This plugin works with parts from (make sure you don't use MuMechlib.dll):

Multiversal Mechatronics - Fixed Camera - 1.3

Telescoping Hull Camera

Zeus Space Telescope


r4m0n - For the origional Multiversal Mechatronics - Fixed Camera

sirkut - KerbPro and aerocam models

Rubber Ducky - Camera models.

a.g. - Configurable keys through config files and various code fixes.

hubbazoot - Ordan Industries Telescopes

FlaccidUnicorn/Astronomer - for first person EVA

bernierm - for creating MovieTime

Edited by Albert VDS
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You guys know that Romfarer had a camera mod that was additional to his Lazor mod ?

It has a neat camera part with controls that opens up a little window you can move about. It doesnt need any lazor part added to the craft to work but does need the actual mod.

Find it here : http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/lazor-cam/

(Note: I noticed it was 0.21 compatible, and it may not even need the original Lazor mod to work (it may be self sufficient in this download...worth a try I guess)).

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Something which actually looks like you can stick it to a rocket and something like the Apollo Rover cam. :)

Would great if you could make those.

I almost want to jokingly make a KerbPro camera. :)

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Funny I just tried a modified version of the Multiversal Mechatronics - Fixed Camera yesterday and it messed up. Looks like I'll have to reinstall it now!

Reinstalled: The zoom option does not show up to add to the action groups.

I made a camera platform and placed it at the VAB doors, pans and tilts nicely using the Infernal Robitics pack.

Edited by NNYGamer
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Ah, was going to get round to this but it has been done for me! thanks!

Pan & tilt via action groups for the current camera is the only thing I'd want - robotics mods are not really the solution if you plaster something with cameras.

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I try with Firefox and success...but the file with parts is empty!

read the OP it clearly states theres no parts included

it also states you can use thishttp://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/12329-0-19-Multiversal-Mechatronics-Fixed-Camera-1-3?highlight=camera but use the dll from this mod though i havent tested it

Edited by BrutalRIP
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Oh thank you, it finally works! (runs off to stick one on every rover).

Could there be another way to exit the camera view? "Esc" brings up the pause menu and shows a kind of spastic view while at it -- the original MuMech did that too, but only for an instant, as it didn't pause. Pressing C, which normally switches you out of IVA, doesn't work, and neither does V which switches between stock camera modes, both would be good candidates for exit-out-of-camera-mode key.

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You can use action groups to activate a camera.

I could change the cycle controls, any suggestions to which keys?

; and ' are next to each other on my keyboard, are directly beneath [ and ] which already 'sort of' switch cameras (between active vessels) and I cant think of anything that uses them. I'm not sure if my keyboard is typical, though.

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You can use action groups to activate a camera.

I could change the cycle controls, any suggestions to which keys?

User-definable in a config file would be best. That way, you mitigate compatibility issues with future mods.

As Gavin noted ; and ' are convenient for many common keyboard layouts, and KSP doesn't use them by default.

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Seems like KSP doesn't let allow the use of ' as an input key.

So it's going to be a cfg file only.

I'm also looking at getting movable cameras to work.

I frequently assign Damned/Infernal Robotics actions to those keys.

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