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Who's your favourite Kerbal?

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Obviously Jeb, Bill and Bob are legends, but I was wondering if anyone had any other Kerbals they were particularly fond of?

Personally I'm always careful to keep Desberry and Adbert safe. Adbert because he's my spaceplane test pilot (frankly it's a miracle he isn't dead already), and Desberry because he once survived being inside a space station as it de-orbited.

What about the rest of you?

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I named a bunch after some friends. There's one I repeatedly launch on a SRB using an external seat & then drop back through the atmosphere unshielded... I'm quite fond of ( torturing ) him. Quite common that we do that in any game you can rename players, so most of us have a big pile of gruesome death & virtual grieveances to work through already.

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Enmore Kerman.:cool:

This guy spawned randomly in .19, and has been with me until... something happened yesterday.

-First Kerbal to the North Pole.

-first kerbal to orbit Kerbin.

-First kerbal on the surface of the Mun.

-First kerbal to rove into the Neil Amstrong Memorial.

-First kerbal on Minmus.

-Flew my first space station up alone.

-Was the Mission Commander of the first expedition to Duna.

-Flew three refueling missions from the base to the return vehicle (alone), and brought back the crew even after losing an engine (stupid part-clipping).

Unfortunately, he died when returning an experimental (but already tested) shuttle from a space station. It flipped over and the G-forces broke the left wing.

R.I.P Enmore Kerman, You will always be remembered as the BadS you were. ;.;

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Kirgan Kerman:

- Started out his career as a Mun lander pilot

- First Kerbal to return from Laythe

- First Kerbal on Vall (and returned)

- Performed the first landing on Dres ever (and returned)

- Is soon going to be one of the first Kerbals on Moho (Jeb will do the first landing)

He was one of the first crew I got in .19, the save is still in use in .21.1.

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Patemone Kerman - First Kerbal to set foot on Vall, or any Joolian body.

I had recommendations

So I did. He was also a trained doctor and semi-proficient engineer, because a 2-year interplanetary-lander mission has little room for error. Edited by Stelith61
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Merzer Kerman

- First to walk on the surface of Minmus

- Planted the mission flag on Minmus

- Has great courage and stupidity stats (brave = 0.7934625, dumb = 0.07708311).

- Been on multiple missions before

- Survived for about a year in my Space Program, which, to date of posting, has had 30 fatalities from 270 or so Kerbals

Fatalities include Tom Kerman, the first to fly an SSTO into orbit, several Kerbals with better courage and stupidity stats, and the Big Three.

Then again, there's an Organ Kerman alive in my save...

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After i killed Jeb, Bill, and Bob Doodrim Kerman was the first to orbit kerbin land on Mun Minimus and Duna he sadly died during the .21 update and i can't get him in the astronaut complex too many random generated names.

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Geneney and Ornie are the rocks under my fictional space program, so I had a soft spot for them in-game as well. Hoping they'll turn up in the roster some time this patch too.

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Seelorf Kerman. Found him in .20, and with Bill stuck in space on the Lunar Bob station Seelorf took over for him as Jebediah and Bobs third crewmember. He was on my first mission to Minmus, and i've now actually patched him into my .21 persistence file :-).

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My favourite kerbal was billybobles, partly because of his name, partly because he was the first kerbal to land on Jool

He also was the only kerbal who didn't care about 15gs of force (eeloo->kerbin aerobrake)

Then that one unfortunate day, he was flying a plane to laythe with a nuclear stage on top, the atmosphere cause it to spin until the engines came off (re-entry damage already!). He didn't manage to get the plane to land in time :(

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As for kerbals I try to keep alive... Wayland is my favorite. But only because I created him and he was the first kerbal I created so he holds a certain special place for me.

Favorite Kerbal to send on a long mission that will never return? Rocas, who hasn't reared his head in .21 yet, as such my mission success rate has skyrocketed!

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My favorite has to be Jerman/German Kerman (he has two aliases)


He was around for every test flight I could throw at him


He miraculously survived everything (including getting thrown at the VAB)


He survived after many mid-flight explosions


He kickstarted the Kethane program


Survived my ridiculous antics of messing around


Re-flew my first rocket I ever made... 3 versions after it was made.


But one other kerbal I couldn't overlook was...

Danger Kerman

He flew my last flight of 0.16, which was basically a shot out of the kerbal system at ridiculous speeds



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Bobly and Barbus Kerman are my favourite Kerbonauts, Bobly went to the Mun, had a mishap and had to be rescued by Barbus, i put together a short story out of some pictures and i keep them both as safe as possible, wherever there is a two man mission Bobly and Barbus go together as the good friends they have become.

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