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Cdr Zeta's Alien and Electronic Pusuits Thread !

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Cdr_Zeta    65

EDIT: GADS someone fix my typo in the title lol !


Cdr Zeta here with an update on my pursuit of happiness...(No this isnt all about Spaceflight but in a sense, it is; you just have to open your mind a tad !)

I aint the greatest at one thing but I am perty good at alot of things - ya ya sleep and laziness are in there too but I got a surprise for you all...

Ever since I started this game a few months ago I have a rekindled interest in my hobby - Electronics.

Well I need a new motherboard I think so I ordered an upgrade but I want to learn about heat transfer and overclocking.

Since this is almost up my ally, I decided to setup a LIVESTREAM (See my LIVESTREAM thread in Fanworks !) and show you all my cave harr...

I study advanced and cutting edge low level audio electronics for one reason - to conatact an IET - an Intelligent ET (haha! but no really...)...SETI looks into outer space...well I have discovered a few things of my own over the last 20 years, and now I am gonna share it with you all.

I will be notifying other people as well like non-KSP'ers, and please be nice on the stream haha you may think things look abit crazy well I did alot of work to get where I am (especially in this cave !), and now I am ready to get to work again.

I have been contacted by one or more IET's in various ways which I will not go into; one of them is simply thought transferrance; I have at times been deluged with abstract ideas to build a communications device (or two...) of sorts...

Some of the tests failed; some succeeded; but nothing tangible yet. That is all about to change, and I am gonna be livestreaming this whole affair from the getgo so the world can see that this is no hoax; I am the real deal and to be honest I have the crap scared out of me a few times enough to stop my projects altogether for years; but each time I press on a little further.

I aint gettin any younger and this work needs to be done and published.

For a backdrop just study von Daniken etc...then you have what are called the astral realms and other dimensions of 'possible' existance; it is in these areas that I have a keen interest in.

Yes while outer space is there, so is inner space. I study the borderline between dimensions; lookup chaos and complexity theory. I believe it is in this borderline area where the interdimensional communications device is supposed to work; or something to that affect; there are ways of getting there, but alot of preliminary research needs to be done; this is where I come in.

May I introduce you to my website:

and if you are really interested go ahead and look up mrzeta haha !!!

I plan on building laser setups, a homebrew microwave dish, and have a 10 inch SCT for you viewing pleasure soon !

But I need to work on computers etc first so head on over to my wont wanna miss it !!!

Cdr Zeta

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