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Bug with the GameDatabase loading textures - no Filtering.

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It seems that textures, at least PNG's that are loaded over the GameDatabase don't have any kind of filtering or mipmaping applied to them. From a distance they look like they are using point filtering. I noticed this when replacing the Mun space texture, the original texture loaded from the resource file works fine, but when I load the same texture as a through the GameDatabase, and swap out the Mun's .mainTexture on the Material - it has no filtering. Am I missing something or is this a bug/forgot to implement?

I've tried manually setting the anisoLevel, filterMode and mipMapBias on the (GameData-loaded) Texture object to the same values on the original, but it made no difference.

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Ok so I created a work around.

Color32[] aPixels = xTexture.GetPixels32();
string sName = xTexture.name;
int nWidth = xTexture.width;
int nHeight = xTexture.height;


Texture2D xNewTexture = new Texture2D(nWidth, nHeight, TextureFormat.ARGB32, true);
xNewTexture.name = sName;

xNewTexture.Apply(true, false);

xNewTexture.Apply(false, true);

xNewTexture.filterMode = FilterMode.Trilinear;
xNewTexture.anisoLevel = 9;
xNewTexture.mipMapBias = -0.5f;

GameDatabase.Instance.databaseTexture[i].texture = xNewTexture;


It's important that these things happen in this order.

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