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KSP Dynamic Music (How I would do the soundtrack)

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The jazzy VAB music hasn't gotten repetetive and most of us have heard it for....too many hours to want to count.

That said, this idea should be mixed together with the folder idea from the other thread I linked earlier. Dynamic sounding vanilla music that can easily be swapped out by the user if they don't like it or just want a change of pace.

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I think that there should be a different set of themes for spaceplanes. That way, flying a plane doesn't get to repetitive when it comes to music, and you only need 3 more sound files. Maybe more if you want to have themes for landing and taking off from the other planets and moons.

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I like the idea of a constantly changing music according to what's happening on the screen. I think there was something similar on Monkey Island 2 which used iMuse to make smooth transitions between diferent places.

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That video was very well put together and looked extremely professional. Also, for a 16 year old, this man is ridiculously talented. On the subject of in-game music, however, I don't think it will work out very well because composing music that can loop well with itself and be able to transition with other music flawlessly at any point during the composition is borderline impossible. Not only is this task difficult, but after a few launches the music loses it's novelty and just becomes a repetitive annoyance. Yes, one could argue that it is possible to input multiple themes but they still fall victim to the same fate as a single theme. Lastly, would dynamic music be it's own sound slider in the settings, or will it be combined with regular background music? I personally like the current in-game music and, though I support this idea, I would sometimes want to just listen to the regular stuff instead of both.

Thanks For Reading,

Happy Flying! :D

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i just watched an amazing guy do a rewrite of the original KSP sound track ... well it is hard to type in words but easier if i just show you the video ...

Made By : AlvaroALorite

Sorry but no.

The soundtrack isnt bad but it just doesnt seem to fit well its way to intrusive.

It somehow reminds me of Starfox or some other N64 game hmm

Also i think the soundtrack in general is too complex with too many things happening.

Sometimes less complex and less intrusive is the way to go. For example the soundtrack of minecraft is very simple yet i enjoy it becaues it fits.

The soundtrack used in this video would just get very annoying very fast.

Also i dont see how you changed the soundtrack? I would agree that KSP needs more variation but you did the same as the main game. 1 Theme for the Planet - 1 for Space so where is the difference?

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Feels too....Menu-y...

The liftoff and prelaunch are each decent tracks, for a menu of sorts.

The remix of the space, however is good, imo.

I would say something less energetic, I like soothing music to calm me for the already nerve wracking launch. Good luck!

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