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MechJeb 2 - Patch test bed release (October 10)

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This is a alternate version of Mechjeb 2. R4m0n seems to be away from KSP right now and I can do some minor patch and use patch from others.

I don't really want to call it a fork since I don't want to take over the dev. So lets say it a test bed for patch while the official dev are on leave.

I'll be here until around september 10. Then I have a 1 month trip and won't do anything KSP related until I come back.

For now I'll post a "improved" version on MJ2 with patch by me and others. I'll welcome bug report, other patch and suggestion.


Mechjeb 2 is under a GLP3 Licence. Source code available here : https://github.com/sarbian/MechJeb2/tree/Multi-Patch

Most of this comes from the work of R4m0n, Anatid, The-Duck and other contributors to the project.

Install :

Full zip installl here : http://www.sarbian.com/sarbian/MechJeb2-Multipatch.zip

Unzip it in your gamedata folder

Right now my github repo is a bit messy, I'll clean it later with proper merge of other patch so their name show up in the commit log.

The current version use this branch : https://github.com/sarbian/MechJeb2/commits/Multi-Patch

Reporting a Bug : If you find a bug please give information. What were you doing, a ship screenshot, or even better a savefile. I use a lot of mod so I may be able to use most of your modded save file. Check the log for error ( KSP_Data/output_log.txt or ALT F2 in game ) and use http://pastebin.com/ to copy/paste it. The more info we get the easier it is to understand and fix bugs.

Submit bug / improvement / suggestion to the github issue page

Other patch : Feel free to offer more patch !

Suggestion are welcome but some are a lot harder to code than other...

Release :

October 10 (2.0.13283.1844)

Removed the previous patch that disabled module on Undocking. I ll think of a better implementation

BloodyRain2k : fixed the problem where the stage calculation assumed all engines of the current stage to be on

BloodyRain2k : patch to the node planner

September 9 bis (2.0.13252.2353)

Disable Module ( most of them I hope ) on Undocking Ship

September 9 (2.0.13252.1108)

Menu windows will stay on screen even if you drag the button down ( for those with lower res)

Tf is now saved per ship

August 31 ter (2.0.13243.1528)

Tavert #163 g0 in fuel flow simulation should be 9.82

Move MJ2 Button with a right click drag and drop

August 31 bis (2.0.13243.1312)

Ship flying away when docking from opposite side of the station

Better RCS usage, I hope

Speed Limit can't be negative

Default docking speed is set to 0.5m/s now. Check yours and don't let it at 0 ( unlimited speed )

August 31 (2.0.13243.0010) ( more info )

deactivate ASAS when MJ take control

Ascent AP : Turn start altitude can't be set to 0km

Remove special case for ascent AP that may turn some ship too soon.

Add some feedback for this special case

Made BloodyRain2k Auto ascend params use clearer with a radio button to activate it

Improved Docking AP - More agressive and does dock

Fix Exception spam on "Suicide burn countdown" & "Time to impact"

taniwha-qf #162 : MechJeb doesn't see in-flight docked fuel

August 25 ( 2.0.13237.1442 )

Version Number will change automatically for each build( 2.0.<year><dayofyear>.<hour><minute> ).

I reverted Meumeu landing precision patch. Ship with "high" TWR where hoovering over the landing spot, and I need some time to understand his change. Meumeu if you read this ...

Fix for reaction wheel. MJ thought the ship still has RW when there was no electricity left. It lead to bad attitude control ( Thanks Raf04 ).

Fix SmartASAS not switching to AUTO while an other module use the attitude control.

Removed SAS automatic switching.

August 23

SpiritOffice : Fix for Circularize function, if you want to change your hyperbolic orbit to circular orbit at some altitude. (

August 5 - patch added to the offcial version :

Sarbian : Let user force Roll for SASS and docking

Sarbian : Control Surface Torque (

Sarbian : Fix some case where OnLoad wasn't called

Sarbian : Remove CommandModule from AR202. no need to check if the AR202 is in control and try to turn sideway

Raf04 : new Patch to attitude improvement (

make the response of the PID soft to reduce the stress of the vessel

avoid oscillations of the ship

fast angular displacement without overshot

precise response, reduces the effect of inaccuracies of the attitude reference

includes selectable automatic control for RCS and SAS

BloodyRain2k : Auto ascend params ( https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/pull/149 )

This will try to automatically use ascend parameters base on the body target orbit 80km on Kerbin will make it turn at 7km (1/10th of atmosphere) and aim for 70km to reach 80km AP

On the mun the same would make it turn short after takeoff due to no atmosphere and aim for 30km to reach 80km AP

BloodyRain2k : changing the way MJ searches for Modules in other assemblies ( https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/pull/177 )

Meumeu : improved targeted landing precision ( https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/pull/165 )

This improves the final descent when a target is set

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Hey Sarbian, good work!

I haven't had a chance to try the aug.23 .dll yet, but I have a minor issue with the aug. 5th one, and this may be a problem in earlier versions, but I haven't been using them. Anyway, with some functions mechjeb will automatically turn Smart A.S.S. off while it performs a maneuver, while with others it will leave it on and "fight" with itself to re-orient the ship. It's a minor issue, but something I run into a lot going between the different modules like docking, rendezvous, and maneuver planner. for example I will turn on smart ass upon attaining orbit, open up maneuver planner and "execute now" on a hohmann transfer. I then watch as the ship swings around to the point on the nav ball but not make it all the way. Which is when I look up and find smart ass still active. I turn it off and the maneuver planner then proceeds as normal.

The only other issue I have seen with the aug. 5 dll is the rare occasion using the landing module. It sometimes decides to just hover (until you run out of fuel) over the landing site instead of making the final descent.

Thanks for helping to keep Mechjeb alive!

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A small request- the old MJ used to state in the Smart ASS window the error in degrees while on auto. Are you able to put that back?

You can have this show up via a custom window.

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So I'm not a smart man... There are a lot of download links in the first post and it's late, so I'm a little confused about what to get. What do I need to get to get the latest patched mechjeb code?

I feel very dumb bc i dont understand what we are suppose to download and install? thank you for what your doing though.

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To anyone confused: Download Mechjeb2 normally (first link) and the patched .dll (second link)

Replace the part.cfg for the AR202 case with the code at the 3rd link. Just copy and paste.

OP: Bless you- Mechjeb no longer needs 500 Monopropellant to rotate 180 degrees.

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Have in this version the auto rendezvous able?

Because the other time i put this it remove some newer things from Mj.

Anyway, thanks! :)

Auto rendezvous has been in every version since at least 2.08. If it's missing for you you have a corrupt cfg file in gamedata/mechjeb2/plugins/plugindata

Not sure which one but I think it's the mechjeb_settings_global_.cfg. Delete the file and when you run KSP it will be recreated and all of your mechjeb settings should be restored in game.

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So far so good with the patch. I just did about a dozen docking maneuvers 8 of which were with the forced angle docks from THSS and the force roll worked very well. A few times it didn't quite want to line up, as if one of the docks was maybe .2m off from it's proper location but other times it worked perfectly, so who knows. It wasn't so far off that I couldn't force over MJ. Seems to be easier on monoprop as well.

And I noticed that MJ doesn't back away from docking ports as much as before. That's nice - it speeds things up, but it requires a little bit different planning than before. You have to be much more proactive about making sure nothing is anywhere near between your ship and the dock.

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There is one specific problem that your patched version seems to have that the original 2.0.9 dev build did not:

When you have anything on SmartASS selected, node autopilot might get stuck on it and unable to turn towards the node. This also applies to translatron and possibly other things. Original 2.0.9 would switch SmartASS to automatic in this case, your version often does not.

There's probably some problem either in "Force Roll" or "Use SAS if available" implementation. Speaking of which, shouldn't the "Use SAS if available" option be in Utilities?

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BloodyRain2k : Auto ascend params ( https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/pull/149 )

This will try to automatically use ascend parameters base on the body target orbit 80km on Kerbin will make it turn at 7km (1/10th of atmosphere) and aim for 70km to reach 80km AP

On the mun the same would make it turn short after takeoff due to no atmosphere and aim for 30km to reach 80km AP

How do you do this? I can't seem to find a way to enable it. As it is, now, my ascent path can only be manually adjusted.

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