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Tanya Sapien

DRAkTEC, Back with a Jovian twist!

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EDIT After all that work, Hyperedit reverted the planets on me. Until I figure out what happened and how to fix it, this project is dead in the water.

By Jove!


I've been gone for a while, but now I've finally got the time to make Kerbal creations again, and this time with much better software.

So I was thinking to myself last night, I want to do Kerbal stuff again, but all the basics have already been done. There have been missions to every planet and all the habitable ones have been colonized. People have made massive space stations and all sorts of other wonders, so how can I set mine apart? Then it hit me, "What if Kerbin was one of Jool's moons?"

So to that end, I've begun work on "BY JOVE!" a Jovian alternate reality series in which Jeb has accidentally-- wait, why am I giving you spoilers?

Here's the save file, extract it and put the folder in your saves folder. The planets should be rearranged and waiting for you when you begin!

Jovian System save file


  • A geosynchronous moon directly over KSC (I want it to be tidally locked, if anybody knows how to do that please contact me)
  • Use of Lagrange points
  • Use of orbital inclinations
  • Use of eccentricity
  • Every attempt made at preventing overlapping SOI's
  • Dres and Eeloo are finally able to play with the cool planets
  • The monoliths and archaeological sites will come into play in the series

The new Jovian system:

Outer planets

Inner planets

Eve has stolen the Mun and run away to a higher orbit with it, but Minmus is now in geosynchronous orbit directly over KSC-1. Also, Eve got a break from that eye-straining purple. It'll still look the same color in map view, but when you land there it'll be a much softer desert yellow.

Duna kept Ike and Dres now has Pol orbiting it pretty closely. Both of the two planets are now in synched and offset orbits from one another

Laythe now has playmates, Gilly and Bop are enjoying their new homes in her L4 and L5 Lagrange points

Moho is in a low and fast orbit around Jool, where gravitational shearing would explain the intense heat there

Tylo and Vall are in their own little orbits doing their own little things. Vall because nobody wants to disturb Stonehenge, and Tylo because as everybody knows, you can't do a thing with Tylo.

That just leaves Eeloo. The consummate vagabond is still off on her own little thing, but the icy ball now has a cometary orbit

I'm wide open to suggestions, so any ideas you've got feel free to throw them at me, they're very likely to be included.

~Tanya Sapien

Edited by Tanya Sapien

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by parking a small body equidistant between two larger bodies inside the orbital path of one of the two. check it out on wikipedia, it's an interesting property in physics.

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I know what they are... ksp does not simulate them, I was wondering if you had some crazy scheme to bodge it

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well....yeah >..<

I parked three objects in the exact same orbit, then adjusted their Epochs

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