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Has anyone found a live stream for the SpaceX launch on Sunday?


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Launch date for CASSIOPE is currently TBD, apparantly has been said though it will launch "within a week". There's going to be a hotfire soon but no video, too many people thought the last hotfires were launch aborts apparently so they don't wanna broadcast anything of it.

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Hotfire was supposed to be today, but got delayed. There's supposed to be a launch readiness review after the hotfire, which will set the launch date. Launch is currently No Earlier Than Sunday, but could be pushed back due to the hotfire delay.

N.B. The Cygnus 1 launch is scheduled for Tuesday at 1516 GMT (11:16 am EDT + 15 minute window)

Also note that SpaceflightNow does a pretty good job up putting up livestreams for current launches. They usually just grab them from the launch provider's site, but it's convenient to always be able to reach them from one spot. You can go to the launch tracker at the link below and click on the Mission Status Center link for any upcoming launch to go to a launch summary and live feed coverage. (MSC links usually only appear a day or two before launch.)


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I guess it's pretty smart of them to do a hot fire then. But really, the engines aren't that different right? Same design, 50% higher chamber pressure. heh what could go wrong!

Did the CSA sign a no whining agreement or something? Haven't heard a peep from them and it's their satellite spacex is about to wreck,

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