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Cars by MeticulousMitch


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Hey everyone,

I think I should put these back up again since there has been a lot of interest. These are my vehicles, and the original thread was lost in April.

Delorean DMC 12


Download DeLorean DMC 12

WV Kombi bus


Download VW Kombi bus

Mini Cooper


Download Mini Cooper

Formula One


Download Formula One

Reliant Robin


Download Reliant Robin

Porsche 944


Download Porsche 944

Land Rover Defender


Download Land Rover Defender

These have all been upgraded to 0.21 and now come with proper seats and kerbals for passengers. The images are from 0.19, and don't reflect the latest changes. Have fun!

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1 hour ago, Jebaluti Kerman said:

None of the cars has a working download link pls halp

Well well ... Thanks for finding this topic! Looking at the age these were seriously beautiful and well designed cars.

But ... the last reply is from almost two years ago. This means it's a necro, and most probably a mod is going to close down this topic.

I do hope this topic will get a special place so people will be able to find it.

What you could do is post a request for any of these vehicles being rebuilt in a new topic. With today's parts, it would be easy to build something better and some people might be interested in doing so.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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