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Ymir, A Rediculously Large Armed Carrier (With Fighters)

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This is the Ymir Carrier a built a while ago for Macey. As you all probably know, he's been gone awhile, so I thought I'd put it here for you guys. My PC simply can't handle it going into orbit, so for right now I just cheat it there. It has about 700 parts without fighters. The Bay is permanently open, and the hanger has room for 5, albeit a bit cramped. The carrier itself has 8 reloadable self-guided torpedoes. The weight is balanced really well, and it's got about an orange worth of fuel and 8 nukes. The fighters included are beefed-up mosquitoes, with safety ERPs. [ejection, reentry and parachute] They also include auxiliary solar cells for outer solar system operation. The Carrier has a 4 man bay, a probe core, and a 3 man cockpit. [The Mk. III] Enough to crew all five fighters with 2 extra crew. The bay has full interior lighting, and reaction wheels and power supply for the rest of the ship. In addition to the reaction wheels, it also has a crapload of RCS stuck all around the hull, and many a tank inside the bay. The whole thing is strutted up, and the fuselage is made of entirely armour and wing plates. Even the cockpit is coated, except for the windshield. It has Dv to get to anywhere, except for moho. Also included is docking support for all three types of port, so interchangability is not an issue. The download file includes the carrier, as well as the supply ship that takes up fighters, cargo droids, and ammo.

Pics, or it didn't happen:





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