Kerbin Baja Racing for KerbTown and KSPv0.21.1+

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ARE you FAST? Prove it!

This requires you have KerbTown installed, - Thanks to Raz for making it, this wouldn't be possible without some hard work he's put in.

What you get:

1) the Kerbin Baja dirt track! 2) a neato plugin that keeps track of a) lap times B) total race time c) top speed attained during the race. 3) a way to prove you're fast!

What to do:

1) Head over to the track - beside the KSC. 2) Stop on the start/finish line (under the Baja banner!) 3) When ready press the 'Shift' or 'right Apple' on your keyboard. 4) Follow the track, each time you pass a checkpoint the light will change colour and a message will display. 5) Every lap you'll get a lap time 6) The race lasts 3 laps, you will get a total race time. (take a screenshot at the end of the race, this proves to people how fast you are!) :)

Other info: • press the 'end' key to reset the race. *** This does not reset or fix your car in any way***

Tips: • Keep a tow/bump vehicle at the track for emergency use. • Design your cars with a low center of gravity.

This is the first track, I will likely follow up later with a larger track, once I get a feel for if people like this or not. Please post comments, pics and videos!!! this helps.

Thanks to: Razchek & Snjo

LINK: (since I can't get it onto spaceport) - Let me know if there are any issues with the link. 88x31.png This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


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Here is the original silly video I made... The track has been updated and has more features now. This is also before I added any special functionality. :)

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Getting my vehicle stuck/wheels exploded on certain parts of the track made me rage, but it's fun. This also gave me a reason to retune some custom wheels.

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After several crashes and difficulties with the jumps,

Bill managed the track and raised the bar a little bitk_cool.gif


I love this mod, great work.

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For people who could be interested, I have recompile the plug-in for 0.23.5 + fix a little issue, and move the track a bit to make it easier to get on.

Can add a link here later (message sent a while back to InfiniteDice, still no answer yet, so I took it for a grant for just this tiny update).

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