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[0.23.5] Editor Part Highlighter

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This is a little something I put together to enhance the editor. It applies a shader to a part (or group of parts) when you mouse over its staging icon.

  • Great for quickly locating a part you're setting up staging for
  • No more fiddling with the camera (well, a lot less) so you can find the radial decouplers you're looking for while setting up asparagus staging
  • Highlighted part will be visible through other parts, such as fairings or on the other side of the rocket
  • Color can be changed in settings.cfg

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VERSION: 1.0 (rebuilt for KSP 0.23.5)


Mouse over the staging icons in the editor. Grouped items will all be highlighted. Expand the group and mouse over each item to highlight them one at a time.


Extract the zip into your GameData folder




Available here


  • Highlighted parts don't cast a shadow
  • Single part craft won't be highlight-able until you add a second part


The KSP modding community

Bruno Rime for his free Xray shader

If you encounter any issues, please provide as much information as you can and I'll have a look.

DOWNLOAD (updated April 7)


Sometime between 0.22 and now the XML config broke. It's been replaced by settings.cfg. No other changes

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1000 "Thank You"s. The default highlighting is grossly insufficient when attempting to locate some parts buried in the rocket. THIS MOD SHOULD BE IN THE VANILLA GAME. It has joined my other MUST-HAVE mods.

- MechJeb (for planning, not executing)


- SelectRoot

- Docking Port Alignment Indicator

- Kerbal Alarm Clock

- Editor Extensions.

- Editor Part Highlighter

All other mods are optional.

BTW: may want to add to SpacePort

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Very usefull, but i have suggestion for futher improvment. Sometimes highlighted part is just outside screen, and player dony know if itd below or above.

So, if itd above some arrow shoudl appear on top of the screen, and if below, arrow of bottom.

Is this doable?

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I'm pleased this is still seeing use!

Anyone point me to the confix to change the color?

The XML config seems to have broken at some point. You can now change the color in settings.cfg with the updated version I just posted. Sorry about that.

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