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Stone Blue

StoneBlue's MOD List (Spreadsheet) UPDATED [DEC 20]

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Well, I have downloaded and installed soooooo many great mods, it's been hard to keep track of them.

Especially since some are old, some are new, some are WELL known, some are obscure, some install differently, some get updated so frequently, some may/may not be compatible with 0.21, etc...

SO I made myself a spreadsheet, to help keep track of them, especially the versions so I can quickly determine when a new update is available.

Also finding the download link/site can be kinda difficult to locate, especially if the mod isnt available on the Spaceport. (Spaceport's search kinda sux, too, so I figured adding the direct links to the list would help).

I've hosted it on GoogleDocs, and decided I'd share it in case it helps anyone else who uses lots of mods, and are finding that they are having trouble keeping track of them...Go ahead and download it and edit it for your own use. I've shrunk the widths on a lot of the blank columns just to save room on this copy. Once you download your own copy, feel free to resize or delete them.

UPDATE [12/20/13]: I've changed the format around a little bit, and have since removed some old mods, mods I no longer use, and have also added quite a few more that I have recently found.

Versions numbers and dates are current up to 12/20/13. I'm sure many more mods will be updating soon, since KSP 0.23 just dropped a few days ago, and devs have been dropping updates like crazy all week....

The list consists of:

-Mod Name

-Mod Type (ie just Parts, just Plugin, or combination. P=Parts only, PL=Plugin only, P/PL=Adds parts, and some .dlls)

-Version Number

-Date of Last Revision (helps to determine whether you have the latest version or not, especially for those mods that dont list a specific version anywhere)

-Folder (This is the install folder for the mod. Some mods I have listed are legacy, using the old folder structure. This tells you where to extract the mod. K=KSP main folder, G=Gamedata, and in the rare case, G/K=will work in either)

-KSP Version (the current or latest version of KSP the mod is compatible with.)

-# of Parts (Kinda self explanatory, the number of parts the mod adds to KSP.)

-Author (self explanatory. Helps to verify you've got the correct mod, as sometimes the mod name is pretty generic, and more than one person may have a version of the same or similar mod)

-Forum Release/Dev/Info Thread Link (Link for the mod's KSP Forum Release or Development Thread)

-Spaceport Link (The KSP Spaceport Link)

-Comments (Anything relevant to the mod goes here, ie other required mods or install notes, or anything goes here.)

-Direct Download Link (If I can find a direct link, I put it here. ie Dropbox, Mediafire, etc)

-Direct Link 2 or Source Code (Source Code or a 2nd Direct Download Link goes here)

-Other Associated Links (I use this for any other relevant links, such as an online manual, or if the mod also has a unique homepage, or whatever)

Before posting the link for the spreadsheet, I just want to give a recommendation for a GREAT mod managing tool: KSP Mod Admin.

I have found this program written by MacTee to be the cat's meow for adding and managing mods. It will, for the most part, automatically install or uninstall mods for you. You can use it to trim down parts packs, if there are only a few specific parts you want to use from a mod, instead of installing the whole pack. It also has a backup save games feature. You can easily use this to fix any craft you have that no longer load because you uninstalled a mod. It also will list each unique part in a mod pack, and it will also give you a complete list of unique parts, and how many, and from what mods, your ships are all built with.

You may want to consider keeping an eye out for an update with an added feature: there is a whisper of a rumor that an automatic mod update function MAY be added in the future!...If that happens, no need to even mess with this spreadsheet I made.

Anyway, I could go on and on about the great stuff I've been able to do easily and quickly with KSPMA.

Here's a link to KSPMA:

And here's the link to the spreadsheet:

Hope someone at least finds it as useful as I have. Enjoy.

Feel free to post suggestions for the spreadsheet format, or even just YOUR favorite mods...No guarantees that they'll end up on MY spreadsheet (feel free to make your own :)), but then again, I'm always on the look out for new ones to try. :)

Edited by Stone Blue
updated spreadsheet format

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Yee-aaayyy...Now that the forums are up, I'll be adding direct download links where possible...Just in case the forums go down again...(Knock on wood)...Look for an update in the next couple days.

EDIT: OK, so it didnt take a couple I've added direct download links for everything that isnt hosted on the Spaceport.

Edited by Stone Blue

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Well, I've been spending quite a bit of time today making major updates on the list, adding more direct links, re-verifying info, and checking for mod updates, as well as adding even more mods to it. So far I've added about another 35 mods, and expect quite a few more... :)

I thought I'd be able to finish it in just a couple hours, but looks like it may take a couple DAYS... :(

It looks like it's been getting MUCH more traffic than is indicated in this thread or the reddit post. I'm guessing lots of you have found it helpful?

So I figured I would post and let everyone know about the updates, especially for anyone that has downloaded it or expects to download it soon, before I get this update done, and plans on keeping most of the existing info on it. Might be best to hold off till I post up here, that I'm done, before downloading a copy.

I'll be doing live updates sporadically as I go, so if you arent downloading it, and just using info directly off the online list, feel free to keep using it thru the next couple of days. You will be able to pretty much tell how far I've updated down the list by the addition of the mod "Authors", and the hilighted lines. What I've verified and added info to, but has NOT had an actual mod update, is in green. Yellow will pretty much be the mods that have just had recent updates, or mods that I have newly added to the list.

I just finished up to, and including all the "H"s...And the KW Rocketry, Kosmos packs, and a couple of the training tutorials/scenarios by blizzy....I think that will be it for tonight. I'll pick up with the "I"s tomorrow. As i come across more mods to add, I'm listing them at the very bottom of the list till I finish the existing list.

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Hiya, just wanted to let you know that you have the radial mount that I was testing on your list. That's now included in the spherical tank pack, so you don't need a separate line for it.

Great list btw, it's helped me out a few times :)

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