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Long time playing, first time posting!

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Well hello there, fellow Kerbonauts!

I've been around since .19, so i guess its about time i registered in these great forums and said hi :) Downloaded the game to try it and bought it next day right away, this thing has me hooked like no game had hooked me for years.

After some "rocky" initial learning, and after many dead Kerbals i got to the point where i learned the hard way how to do just about everything manually, setting up bases, docking stations in orbit, etc.. Nowadays im on .21, and able to reach and succesfully land on any of the celestial bodies out there. Currently working towards doing the same but with a return trip to Kerbin, no more stranded Kerbonauts :sticktongue: As of today, the farthest i made it to and back is Duna, with my next objective being rescuing the crew i left stranded in Dres, with no fuel on their ship and just enough fuel in their lander to make it to orbit :D

And thats about it, just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to the great community this game has :wink:

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