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Kim Jong-Il Dead


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Guest GroundHOG-2010

Nope. Both of the clame that the others land is there\'s, just like the people republic of china and the republic of china. Confused?

But there has been parts other than the korean war that they have been close to war. Such as the flagpole wars (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kij%C5%8Fng-dong) and the axe murder incident (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Axe_Murder_Incident). Note the flagpole wars is a light heated reference that I found 3 years ago. Was not an actual war..

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Lil\' Kim doesn\'t seem to have the same charismatic will of his father or grandfather. He will likely be used as a figurehead with the real control in the hands of the military. Rather than have Lil\' Kim make an appearance to keep some continuity of the cult of personality, they decided to fire a short range missile into the Sea of Japan. I think this says a lot to who\'s really in control and running the show now.

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If anyone has played the game HomeFront Im kinda scared now cause it talks about korea mass producing nuclear weapons and taking over the other korea then japan then china then almost russia and Half of AMERICA SOMEONE PLEASE KILL KIM JUNG UL AND HIS FAMILY BEFORE WW3

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I can understand this - that fear was how we spent the 1980s. There is, however, a difference.

North Korea\'s missiles are a threat to South Korea, but let\'s just say that they\'re a little too Kerbal to loft a decent sized payload (such as a nuclear warhead) any further than that. True, the North Korean army is large; but it\'s low tech. As things stand, they have the forces to beseige the South, but they\'d probably not have the ability to quickly take over.

Also, something important: North Korea has no backers. The Chinese think they\'re crazy, so whilst China will protect them from any attack, if Kim Jr decides to invade anything (the South included), China will probably say 'Woah, dude, you\'re on your own!'

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