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Forum Games Guidelines

Forum games! Everyone loves them, but there's a few things we should follow to ensure that everyone can play along, understand, and, most importantly, have fun.

Have Some Extra Rules!

If you want people to be able to play your game, you must add a set of rules so everyone can know how to join. Rules can be basic, overly complex rules can alienate potential players. Simply explaining the mechanics and limitations of the game is sufficient. If there is a scoring system, ensure you explain how it works.

Follow the Forum Rules

Another thing to remember when you make a forum game is that they also need to follow the Forum Rules! Most importantly, make sure your game does not involve any elements from rule 2.2. Additionally, make sure your game won't turn into a chat thread as those become incredibly hard to moderate for us. One of the points not to forget is 2.2 j) roleplay. The distinction between roleplaying and playing a regular game is when you start acting on the behalf of something fictional. For example, if the game is a board game looking like Risk, roleplaying would be posting as if you were a part of the country you control. If you are not sure whether or not your thread is against a rule, you should PM a member of the Moderation Team, that way we can recommend alternatives to you if it does indeed break a rule.

Refrain from Spamming

Forum games tend to grow large threads very quickly, so it's best for everyone if you don't spam the game threads. Avoid derailing the game by switching the topic or posting simple chat in the middle of the game. Most games will also have users reply to each other with the game element, so don't reply many times in a row to yourself, it simply kills the fun for everyone else.

Don't Forget to Have Fun!

As they say by themselves, forum games are meant to be fun. There's no need to become heated and angry over such a thing. If you have a problem with someone's behaviour/post/thread, either report it using the Forum's report system or message a Moderator, depending on the severity of the situation.

A Short List of Prohibited Game-Types

Over time, a few types games have proven themselves to be too hard to moderate or to cause too many problems. After much discussion amongst the KSP Forum Team, we have decided to prohibit the following game-types. The very short list can be found below.

  • Moderators vs. users games.
  • Binary, leet speak, encrypted messages, or games where you speak in other languages.
  • Games that could turn into chat threads (such as speak in gifs/images).

As always, if you're unsure if your thread will fall under this; contact a Moderator.

Stay polite, play along with the rules and don't forget to enjoy yourself! :)

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