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The Minmus Thread.

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It does equal energy input, and the solar system does have a "snow line".


Earth also has the benefit of an atmosphere, which raises the freezing temperature, and more importantly, prevents sublimation. There is a reason we don't see any exposed equatorial water ice closer to the sun than Jupiter.

Also note that a Snowball Earth event ~2.4 billion years ago would have occurred when the sun was significantly fainter... if it happened at all (it looks likely, but not conclusive).

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What i like about minmus is that its easily accessible without making huge dropships just to deploy a single medium or heavy tank.  My standard set of city/perimeter defense buildings for all my factions can be more or less plopped down anywhere in the kerbol system, with the exception of places like tylo that require extra boosters on them or certain atmospheric planets, and ofc jool itself is almost impossible to land a building on.  Vehicles on the other hand require alot of engineering to get anywhere, and i really really like my smaller line of dropships (which all have nice dedicated VTOL, and actually look pretty), which are able to work on mun or below gravity (albeit on minmus i can use a single one to drop like 3 tanks).


Now i like teh challenge of higher gravity as well as long distance interplanetary missions, but in general minmus is probably the most easily accessible body in the entire game if you play something closer to the stock part sets.  I can do a minmus mission in like 10 minutes (which is a plus for people like me that work 50 hours a week and cant spend ages playing games), while a mission to duna takes around half an hour if the orbits havent been aligned properly and im launching multiple vessels at once (i almost always send 2 entire fleets of ships with carriers and ground forces in 1 shot when going past kerbin's SOI, obviously you need something to shoot at when u get anywhere and i actually enjoy launching stuff legit and not ALT-F12ing everything to orbit).

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