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KSP Test Pilot Challenge


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Nice work, MunBase 1 was a nice trap. You got me ;P

Couldn't read all Flags, because they disappeared in the ground. Just like Jeb once did, at the first flag.

So i had to restart the game with higher ground detail, which was really laggy just like the bigger spacestations.

I really need to upgrade my PC. xD

Full Album:


//I'm gonna make a Test Pilot Challenge too.





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2d, 22h, 2m, 1s

This was great. My first attempt at wrtiting this post was screwed up, so I'm just going to keep it short:

I flew a plane for the first time! Crashed at first, landed on the 2nd try. Realized that the Minmus-Munar transfer ship had lots of delta-V, so changed my trajectory from a 5 day transfer to a 1 day transfer. Large burn at the end, lots of fun. If I had done something similar from the Mun to Minmus, I might have been able to take the number 1 slot! Oh well.



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Could you possible make another one of these? My only complaint is with the updates I have to restart. I would love to see one focused around rovers and planes! And I also will try again. But witch place in Minmus. I got lost.

There is on main base on Minmus, which has four sites very close by. The flag at the main Minmus base will tell you which of the sites you need to visit to continue the mission.

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I absolutely LOVED this challenge, well set up, lots of fun to play, and some great vehicle/station designs. A few of the bases looked a bit decrepit though ;-)

I didn't take many pictures on the journey, but here's what I got:

Javascript is disabled. View full album

So my total was 1d 19h 55m 54s

Remote KSC Crew transport -> Jeb -> Aventador - No problems

Aventador to island runway -> slight 'mishap' on landing, came in way too slow, clipped the edge of the runway, lost a few parts.

Island Base -> Kerbin station - waited on the ground for a bit of time for the station to come closer, but fairly standard ascent into orbit

Kerbin Station -> Minimus Base - played with manoeuvre nodes to get a bit of a faster journey, but not too much so as to have an easier landing. Had a bit of trouble landing nearby, ended up using RCS for a couple km

Minimus Base -> Minimus station - Pretty standard

Minimus Station -> Mun station - Got really really lucky here. I set up a fast burn to the Mun by going up, then watching the map screen and burned for an encounter, then burned to get it closer. Decided to stop with about a quarter tank left (it was risky). In the end I had just enough fuel to capture, then arrange a rendezvous. In fact I had to use RCS for the last 40 or so m/s and then the approach to the station! This probably saved me the most time on my journey, I don't think I could have had a more efficient transfer. I wish I could claim skill ;-)

Mun Station -> Munar III - managed a perfect landing right next to Bob.

Munar III -> Home - Burned straight for Kerbin, played around until I managed to match the time to periapsis to about where KSC would be (kerbin rotation is 6h, so it was easy to predict). Managed to get transfer home under 3h. Had to reload a few times on rentry though, I kept plopping down in the ocean next to KSC and didn't have a vehicle to recover them :-/

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Holy crap I did it. After 4 spectacular crashes, I managed to land the plane on the runway. This is a milestone. Thanks for pushing me towards it.

The 4th crash was rather embarasing. I had touched down on the wheels, than instead of B for breaks, I hit G. And the landingwheels retracted. Plane parts hitting the ground at 80m/s gives some funny results.

PS: did you lock the space center? I can't go back to space center. Not to much a problem, but still

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Well that was a very eventfull run.

Turns out I horribly suck at trying to land at a spot with atmosphere. I eventually ended up settling for a landing 7km away from KSP. Which meant driving 14km with the shuttle. At half battery


Pay special attention to the top right corner, which shows that I somehow EXACTLY made. I went about 7m/s when I bumped into it. So if I had been a little less carefull about batteryballancing, I would have stranded somewhere halfway.

Your save game is pritty infested with the Kraken. I could not exist to space center the entire trip, and thus I have no screenshot of the tracking station (hell I couldn't even enter the tracking station when I began. None of the buildings let me in. Except the kerbalnaut complex, which wouldn't let me out again).

Special mention to the kraken:

33cps87.jpg I don't think Jeb is feeling very good

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Someone else mentioned the Kraken at Jeb's location, so I downloaded the saved file and played it all the way through without the same problems. I am wondering if it might be influenced by the graphic settings that someone is running, or possibly what mods they have installed. Either way, it seems that it has only affected a couple of people, so I am not sure I want to change anything at this stage in case it introduces another problem somewhere else. The buildings aren't locked, so I am not sure why you would be having a problem there. Ultimately, I hoped you enjoyed the challenge despite the few hiccups you encountered, and if you have a completion time, I will be happy to add it to the leaderboard.

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The kraken shows up if you are in physics warp while driving the shuttle and enter the simulation range of Jeb. Or atleast that's how I got it, and that's what I changed to fix it

End time is in the first screenshot :P

9 days 8 hours 1 minute 1 second

I had a hell of a time, very fun challange

Fun extra on the final landing: I got it down 5km from the shuttle once, but figured I could do better and reloaded. I never could. I also once got it right next to Site 1 flag, but ripped off the chute with timewarp. That was really frustrating :P

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