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Another Noob Problems....



I started to play KSP one month ago. I had a few launches, built a couple of rockets and ships, travelled to the Mun, etc.

So i decided to do something new - build my first orbital station on the Kerbin`s orbit. For this, i need more effective rockets, to bring the parts up there.

So my problem is> my rockets are starting to spin, roll - they are unstable becouse i can`t toggle the thrust vectoring of the engines even when they have it already enabled. I am using v0.21.0.272. I tried toggling the gimbal and lock/free gimbal - not working. I have mounted S.A.S module - tried it enabled/disabled.

So why it won`t work? What am i (not) doing? Help pls.

--sorry if bad english.

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I've found that having even the smallest strut slightly misaligned on a perfect rocket will cause a spin - personally I'd add much more torque with reaction wheels, and then control surfaces if needed. Or, keep an eye out for wobbling, that encourages rolling too.

OR - perhaps your payload has snapped off the rocket during ascent, and it is now an uncontrollable piece of flying debris pushing you upwards, and rolling as it goes? Its happened to me a few times :)

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