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Blueprints for the Up-Goer 5

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It's not nice to pass others' work off as your own, especially as it's XKCD and he plays KSP.

Pardon me, I was attempting to pass on something that I considered humorous. I wasn't aware that a complete lack of humour in certain people would cause them to take offence.

PS I never said it was my work, I even intimated that it may be the work of NASA. I don't know who XKCD is or that he plays KSP. If it is indeed his work, then I am sorry if it was out of place showing it to the forum members here.

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Anyone that constructs a KSP vessel based on this design should consult with NASA and send me lots of free stuff.

Credit was implied, and clearly it's not a lack of humour if I already know which site it's from (http://www.xkcd.com damn good reading, btw, especially the What If section). Oh, and I think you misunderstand what offence is. No one's offended, just pointing out that intentional IP theft is a dick move. Maybe you found it from someone else nicking it, my assumption was due to the implication as mentioned above.

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I think this comic was actually referenced in game as well. "pointing correct end towards space" on the loading screen.

Well, I only got this game last week, and I didn't know that the OP contained IP of anyone, let alone a forum member here, and that it had been used previously in the game.

As I said, so much for trying to bring a bit of levity into the forum.

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