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Biggest Disappointment You've Had in KSP


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I thought you meant dissappointment in the game, not actually while playing.

That being said, probably in .19 when I built a space station around a core which had a docking port that was installed backwards. When finally found out after having attached 4 other modules, I killed all kerbals on board during re-entry.

Punishment to them for not telling me about the port...It's not cruel or unjust at all. Not at all.

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Biggest disappointment with the game would have to be the changes to Airstrip island's terrain. I miss parking stuff on that beach.

In the game, that's hard to say. There have been many times when things just haven't haven't worked. Discovery a carefully thought out grand plans are deeply flawed, small mistakes, things just not working as expected, glitches, lag, kerbals dieing, all at once...

It can leave you feeling pretty disappointed at times.

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The first time I landed on the Mun I made a huge mistake: my lander was RCS powered. I made it to the surface, but poor Bill Jeb and Bob didn't have enough fuel to get home and ended up crashing into the Mun after running out of fuel.

I also had a metric duckton of fuel in that transfer stage. All that wasted deltaV that could have taken my boys home. :(

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I failed to understand exactly how the Kethane mod works and sent three massive (for me) rovers to Duna that were supposed to mine and process kethane as well as burning it for power and house my kerbal crew on this long mission. The trucks were all odd loads but I managed to design some unique delivery craft to bring them to the surface. After days of prep and a night spent streaming the resulting landings I then realized that I had not assembled the Kethane parts correctly and I would not be able to burn kethane for power. Sad sad day.

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Set up my first interplanetary mission to Jool. All was going well until I accidentally found myself in a crash course with Tylo. I didn't have the TWR to escape its gravity field and crashed. I haven't gone back to Jool yet but I have a mission in mind.

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oh man. Get a ship on an escape trajectory, time warp a bit .... now it's debris. :(

Seriously. THIS. So many times. I've got like, 4 modules from my space-station orbiting Kerbin BECAUSE OF THIS (I though, my main module has Panels, these will be K).

Good news: It used to be 6.

I actually had to design an unmanned module to launch that I use to recover them, then deliver them to the station, refuel it, and repeat.

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Name your biggest disappointment in Kerbal Space Program? I just had mine: As soon as my plane got to KSC2, it crashed. ;-; I was soooo close, like, I could see the radar tower in detail!

My biggest (and recurring) problem is accidentally bumping the spacebar and staging away my last fuel and engine, left to drift forever with the rest of the discarded space junk.....

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Made a spaceplane, capable of refueling with my beautiful fuel truck, flew it to space and back, refueled, started taxi-ing to the start of the runway for the next flight.

Didn't notice the terrain is slightly elevated between the SPH and the runway; broke my nosewheel on the bump, plane went on it's belly, broke in half, started rolling, broke the wings, broke everything, debris everywhere.

All in all, Jeb went to space and made it back safely, but then crashed 30 meters from where he started.

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Spent hours building a really large refueling space station. Had like 1000 parts. Got to orbit through gravity hack. had decent fps. Was totally happy, went to fly my first mission to get refueled and upon entering the area that my station was in the fps dropped to ungamable 1 fps. Felt sad... couldn't use her for anything. all that time............;.;

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built a multi art ship (5 seperate flights and docking).

It had:

12 kerbals

An Orbital Station module

2 Sat's

2 Rovers

4 stage planet module

Mun Lander

Took it to duna. Deployed Sat around duna mun

Landed on mun with lander

Deployed station and Sat in Orbit of duna

Landed the 4 planet modules

Landed the rovers

Drove the rovers 10km to the planet module (They were deployed with a chute unmanned)

Setup the base

Took a screenshot.

Jumped Jeb over the rover and BAM!

All part feel through the planet, all orbit parts got flung into the middle of nowhere and 1000 debris icons appears....

At least I got a screenshot of the kerbals on duna before hand :)


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