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My first career mode Mun landing...


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The mission was going so well, we landed on the Jebediah on the Mun, a little low on fuel but enough to get him back home. He collected the soil sample, did some science, and set off towards Kerbin to take it all home as we were short on electricity. Suddenly halfway through the burn home my little 909 gives out and poofs away. At first I was shocked, this has never happened before, I was thinking how the 909 could just disappear like that. Then it hit me, Jeb was not going home. I desperately tried to use the EVA pack to give him that boost into Kerbin orbit then eventually reentry, it would not work. I got him back into the pod and transmitted as much data as I could, which was almost nothing. I watched as the little ship fell towards the Mun, I tried to get the capsule to survive the crash, to no avail. I was trying to have no casualties in this save, especially Jeb, now he's gone. I have a flag planted where he crashed on the Mun highlands, now renamed the Jebediah Highlands.

R.I.P. Jeb


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