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Where is YOUR Jebediah Kerman?


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I have a few different saves in various states of (in)activity, so several different Jebs.

My first career in 1.7.3, Jeb is dead due to failing to disengage time warp when bailing out of a doomed spacecraft low over the terrain, then accidentally setting him as KIA instead of MIA in the Astronaut Complex. Although I may have since revived him by save file hacking…

In my JNSQ save, Jeb is aboard the spaceship Tenacity half way between Tylo and Laythe during a mission to the moons of Jool, hindered considerably by very high part count.

In my Kerbal(ism) Space Program save, I can’t actually remember where Jeb is- probably on a space station somewhere.

And in my current Into the Snarkiverse save, Jeb is doing what Jeb does best- making a nuisance of himself around the KSC, pulling pranks on everyone else and generally acting like a toddler who ate too much sugar. Maybe I shouldn’t have left him in a tiny pod in orbit for 30 days, he had several stress breakdowns during that time and hasn’t really been the same since…

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My brother’s save:
On duna. Just jeb. Not a single part is on duna. Just jeb.

My career save:
Idk I haven’t played it in 3 months

My first science save:
On his way to the moon in an orion test flight

My second science save:
Doing aerobatics in the creatively named aerobat.
Spoiler alert: Jeb is now getting chewed out by the engineers for letting their new most valuable design become a seismic reading.

My testing save: probably in one of the 6 VTOLS pushed off the runway by a bulldozer I built

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Mine is on the Mün along with Bill. Bob is in an orbit around the Mün. Val, however, is dead. Died from a Soyuz test flight bug. Back to the mün, jeb and bill placed some experiments near my first ever ground base. This was also the first crewed flight to the base. Wish Jeb luck!

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On 9/29/2021 at 4:04 PM, a_space_oddity said:

Apparently he got bored and managed to sneak on board without anyone noticing when I launched. 

Mine's at least back at the KSC, but is getting lectured by his boss for stowing away in the emergency return capsule that was being sent up with the third antenna module (of a proposed seven) to Kerbin's deep space relay satellite in KEO . This, of course, necessitated the return of said emergency return capsule with him in it.

He's probably lucky that the orbital fuel depot being planned wasn't anywhere near set up yet otherwise he might have been been returned via a command seat welded to the top of one of the second stages which will be making a multi-pass aerobraking  manoeuvre to return from KEO with as much of the excess fuel as possible. 

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2 hours ago, Wizard Kerbal said:

You mean LKO?

Nope, Kerbisynchronous Equatorial Orbit.  Fixed above the KSC at 2.8Mm altitude with a combined antenna power (once finished) of 7.2Tm allowing communication out to Plock at maximum range with a RA-100 at 9% signal strength (as long as my maths is correct). The same mod is giving me a contract to do the same thing at Kerbin L4 or L5 so the sun doesn't get in the way. I'm in two minds about doing that one, but the same launch system I used for the current one should get the pieces there as long as I don't expect to be reusing the second stages. The trick is getting my engineer back once they've put it together, so I might experiment with doing the required engineering work in LKO and send the, now very un-aerodynamic, pieces to dock by remote.

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My Jeb is currently on the Astronaut Complex, waiting to be assigned on a new Mission.

I was supposed to put him on Artemis I, but then i found a better replacement of him called Ribmund Kerman, he's not to stupid for some reason, and he's somehow more courageous than Jeb.:P

Perhaps i should assign Jeb for the Artemis II Mission...


But as a backup.


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