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Orbit with LV-1R


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I would like to see how high you can get with the Radial LV-1R rockets. I did it and got to 77,265m.

RULES:1:You can only use LV-1R and LV-1 rockets;no other rockets may be used.2:all command pods and unmanned pods are allowed.3:We are strictly going for altitude;nothing else!4:You can use multiple stages.5:NO MODS ALLOWED!!!ALL STOCK PLEASE!!! Your score is your AP altitude if you only get to orbit.If you go interplanetary,You score yourself with the scoring at the bottom.

Post a screenshot of your flight and your mission debriefing in your reply.(I know I didn't post mine,But you could probably beat me anyway)








Interplanetary highscores:

1.gm537-Score:1684-Kerbol Escape






UPDATE:If you can go interplanetary somehow, here is the interplanetary scoring system.With this scoring,you want to get as least points as possible.DOCKING TO MAKE BIGGER SHIPS IS NOT ALLOWED.

+1 for every unit of fuel burned

+5 for every stage you use

-20 for every one of Kerbin's moons you can get to(orbit)

-50 for any other planet or moon you can get to(orbit)

-10 for a landing

-100 for a return home

-350 for Kerbol Escape

Disqualified for any mods used

Remember to post your launch with your staging visible and your mission debriefing.

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I agree with Laythe being the real challenge.

AP = 19,420,751,078 m and I have not run out of fuel yet.

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Ship is "unfolded asparagus", each lower stage feeds fuel to higher stage.

Started, did gravity turn, circularized at 78km, then burned at PA.

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Orbit? I just landed one on Duna. (FAR was enabled, but it is unlikely to have made a significant difference, as small low-velocity craft such as this are not helped significantly by FAR's aerodynamics, and may even be hindered by them.)

When Duna is opposite Kerbin while simulataneously at apoapsis from the , the altitude reaches about 35,383,029,419 Meters.

The ship had the capacity to go by Duna and launch into a very wide orbit, perhaps even escaping. I may try getting it to infinite height via gravity assist from Jool later.

The Vab, You can see 4 stages, each progressively bigger than the last.


Escape burn, or perhaps a a burn from my Mun launch. This is the top booster stage in any case, used for getting up to orbital altitude and into LKO with several hundred m/s of delta-v left over.


Landed, although fallen over. If you look closely, you can see the science and communication equipment!


Ok, apparently, interplanetary score is a thing.

1277 for fuel used.

+20 for stages.

Landed on Duna, -50.

Score = 1247.

Within reach of: Eve, Duna, Mun, Minmus, Jool, Laythe, and possibly others. Atmosphere is however important for other planets and their moons other than possibly Gilly.

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Fun challenge. What is the point of the points? I mean I guess they are only for interplanetary but wouldn't a 'rocket' that flies nowhere but uses zero fuel get a very good score. Additionally what counts as a 'unit of fuel' is it just LF or LF+OX? (since ratios are constant it doesn't matter too much but it does dictate if one should use more fuel or visit more planets) and what counts as visiting a planet? Just SOI, or stable orbit, or landing? (The latter seems a bit challenging to accomplish on an amount of fuel which is worth while) Thanks for helping explain! :)

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Alrighty here is my submission. Just to prove it could be done I decided to make an interstellar LV-1 rocket.

Here we are in the VAB as you can see I've got 1 Rockomax 32, 3 T400's, and 5 Oscars a total of 2,009 units of Liquid Fuel


Lift-Off!!! With approximately 2 crap tons of engines. (Jeb Would be Proud)


A scenic shot in orbit over Kerbin


My final interstellar orbit


After 1 year of MET we have made it well beyond Jool and will never stop.


Well not sure how many points that's worth or what altitude to call it but it does prove the power of the even the tiniest of engines. Very enjoyable challenge.

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