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What did you name your first rocket?

Spacewalking on Sunshine

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My first series of rockets was the Ananke series. Took the place of a Mercury program. Ananke is the goddess of inevitability, compulsion, and necessity. I thought it was a pretty fitting name for the first stage of my program.

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Back in 0.17, I believe the name of my first rocket was "Orbiter mk1".

I know. Pretty exciting. :P

My first rocket name was Orbiter 1, as I was trying to get into orbit. It worked well, but ever since the save-breaking update of .21 I forgot how to build it!

Hey, you stole my totally original idea >:C

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Guest Brody_Peffley
Moho I

Mercury, Moho, Mercury, Moho, Mercury Moho...

You get it by now.


My first rocket was "Kraken" very succesful transporter.


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Skip Mk 1.

The idea of the namings of my rockets was to give them a variation of the verb "jump".

So the first one was skip, 2nd one was hop, 3rd was jump, etc. and the last and biggest being Leap.

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Untitled Space Craft

I think probably my first 50 rockets were named this until I realized I could / how to rename them, even then I don't think I started to rename them until I came up with a design I actually wanted to save and then started to name them "Lincoln Mark #" series. But it's time to rename them but I've not come up with a new name just yet.

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