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[1.2] VOID 1.1.0-beta - Vessel Orbital Informational Display


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If you love at-a-glance information on your flight conditions, detailed information about your orbital dynamics or upcoming transfer maneuver, then VOID is a solution for you! Is it the solution for you? Give it a try and find out!

I've long used VOID to fill the void (doh!) for detailed orbital, surface, and vessel information without adding any new functionality that other mods may focus on. As I find new data that I "need" for my missions, I've been slowly adding information to my own VOID displays and am honored to continue development following Iannic-ann-od's stellar release series. Many thanks Iannic-ann-od!

As before, credit where it's due to code and/or calculations by cybutek, Younata, Adammada, Nivvydaskrl, mrenigma0, r4m0n, The_Duck, Cilph, and Innsewerants, used with permission and/or under license.

This software uses VesselSimulator and Engineer.Extensions from Engineer Redux.

Engineer Redux © 2013-2014 cybutek, Padishar, et al

Used by permission.


GitHub for 1.1.0-beta: [zip]

SpaceDock: [zip]
Not SpaceDock: [zip] [tar.gz] [tar.xz] 

1.0 BETA[zip] [tar.gz] [tar.xz]


Do you like what you see here so much that you can't imagine downloading it without first parting with your hard-earned money? If so, this specially-crafted PayPal donation button will help you to take the currency of your choice and make it my money instead of your money. More seriously though: donations are 100% optional and entirely at your own discretion. If you do choose to donate, I'll appreciate it!



1. Unpack archive into /path/to/KSP_folder/GameData.
2. ???
3. Profit!



* Click the VOID icon, hopefully located somewhere near the middle-to-bottom left of your KSP screen.
* Go to the "Misc" menu and "Change icon position" to move the icon to your liking.
* Enable or disable other informational windows as you please!



* Revisit transfer angle calculations.
* Revisit pressure indication.
* Revisit localization and find translators <insert trilingual, bilingual, American joke here>.
* Revisit data logging.
* Add HUD customization features.



v.0.19.1 [2016-04-30]
* Recompiled for KSP 1.1.2
* Optimized certain data values that required looping through the entire ship to share the same loop.
* Added compatibility for the new onShow/onHide UI events to properly hide VOID when F2 is pressed.

v.0.19 [2016-04-20]
* KSP 1.1 Compatibility
* Minor optimizations in thrust offset and intake air calcs.

v.0.18.5 [2015-11-10]
* VOID_DataLogger: Added orbital inclination, current thrust, and main throttle data items.
* Recompiled for 1.0.5

v.0.18.4 [2015-10-02]
* VOID_DataLogger: Now emits lat/long data in a more machine-readable format.
* VOID_CBInfoBrowser & VOID_VesselRegister: Now using a list of CelestialBodies sorted by distance, depth-first.
* Now correctly saving settings to the right scene when reverting.
* Moved VOID settings file and CSV target directory to the active save directory.  Existing settings will be copied to each "new" save.
* Updated for the ToadicusTools refactor.

v.0.18.3 [2015-05-18]
* Behind-the-scenes fixes to improve performance.

v.0.18.2 [2015-05-06]
* Fixed a couple more cases of VesselSimulator-centric exceptions.
* Fixed handling of the AppLauncher button when Toolbar is installed.
* Minor cleanup.

v.0.18.1 [2015-05-01]
* Added simulation call to the Editor HUD so it works properly when the stage information window is closed.

v.0.18 [2015-04-27]
* Updated for KSP 1.0!
* Updated to latest VesselSimulator code.
* Tweaks to atmosphere data for KSP 1.0.

v.0.17.1 [2015-04-10]
* VOID_DataLogger: Fixed some issues with the header line
* General Options: Added options to use solar vs. sidereal time, Earth vs. Kerbin time, and rounded vs true time

v.0.17 [2015-02-26]
* NEW MODULE: The first independent module, VOID_CareerTracker provides a "ledger" for every currency transaction in your career.
* VOID_DataLogger: Added a 'wait for launch' configuration option that will wait until the situation is not PRELAUNCH before logging any data.
* VOID_DataLogger: Added Periapsis, Apoapsis altitudes.
* VOID_Orbital: Added time to ascending & descending nodes.
* VOID_StageInfo: Added burn time column.
* VOID_StageInfo: Added an option to use sea-level values when relevant while in the editor.
* VOID_SurfAtmo: Shortened the name a bit to avoid / reduce clipping.
* VOID_VesselInfo: Resource mass now reported more reasonably and reported to 3 decimal places.
* VOID_Orbital, VOID_SurfAtmo: Variable-precision values now using new ToSI method to improve behavior in many situations.
* Downrange distance now calculated using an alternate formula to avoid exceptional conditions at antipodal points.
* VOID applauncher icon now appears in map view while in flight.
* Core modules: Made the toggles a little prettier under some skins.
* Added close buttons to all windows.
* Biome readouts now report special Kerbin-surface biomes like KSC.
* Burn time readouts will now account for staging.
* Skins: Forbade "KSP Window 1" and "KSP Window 3", because they make VOID look super ugly sometimes.
* VesselSimulator updated to latest KER release.
* ToadicusTools: New custom ToSI method using significant figures instead of weirdness.
* Under The Hood Changes to make VOID work in scenes other than flight and the editor.
* Under The Hood Changes to make dealing with time intervals slightly more sane on my end.
* Under The Hood Changes to make the configuration really only save when it needs to.
* Behind The Scenes Changes to help me keep track of and release non-code things more reliably.

v.0.16.4 [2014-12-28]
* HUDAdvanced: Fixed an issue that caused the right HUD to collapse into a vertical column when no maneuver node was present
v.0.16.3 [2014-12-27]
* Fixed HUD panes to properly expand to fit their content.
* Tweaked default Toolbar behavior to hopefully provide a more predictable experience.

v.0.16.2 [2014-12-21]
* Fixed the HUD modules to properly save their pane positions.

v.0.16.1 [2014-12-20]
* VOID_EditorHUD: HUD pane is now movable, and will "snap" to the left when placed along the left edge.
* Rework of the HUD systems into a common modular interface to make my job easier in the future.

v.0.16 [2014-12-15]
* Updated for KSP 0.90.0 and VesselSimulator 1.0.13.
* VOID_DataLogger: Many improvements behind the scenes; should be a bit easier to work with now.
* Various code cleanup and behind the scenes tweaks to start getting ready for The Next Big Thing.

v.0.15 [2014-11-15]
* NEW MODULE!  VOID_StageInfo is the long-awaited per-stage, per-body engineering data breakdown, available in the editor and in flight.
* All windows should now be click-through resistant.  Editor windows will now eschew the parts panel.
* VOID_HUDAdvanced: Burn time calculations revised to be actually correct.
* Completely rejiggered the way GUI styles are loaded.
* VOID_Core: Changed the way "Kerbin" is fetched for the purposes of many reference calculations.  This should be more tolerant of mods that change Kerbin's name.

v.0.14.3 [2014-10-19]
* VOID_HUD: Added new "Range to KSC" field to the right HUD when landed, splashed down, flying, or suborbital at Kerbin.
* VOID_SurfAtmo: Added "Downrange Distance" field.  This will be NaN when it doesn't make sense.
* VOID_DataLogger: Added "Downrange Distance" field.  This will be NaN when it doesn't make sense.
* Improved exception handling for all modules.

v.0.14.2 [2014-10-07]
* KSP 0.25.0 Compatibility
* VOID_DataLogger: Added latitude and longitude.  General cleanup.
* VOID_CareerStatus: Quick fix for KSP 0.25.0 compatibility.
* VOID_Core: Rebuilt the module-loading system to help protect against broken modules.
* VOID_EditorCore: Hopefully actually stopping the editor button from ever duplicating itself even sometimes.
* VesselSimulator: Updated to latest KER code.

v.0.14.1 [2014-08-16]
* Updated KER code, and VOID's methods of integrating with KER.
* Updated ToadicusTools.

v.0.14 [2014-08-03]
* NEW MODULE!  VOID_CareerStatus is a nascent module that displays a few vital Career Mode statistics: Funds, Reputation, and Science, including the most change (that happened during this flight session).
* VOID_VesselInfo: Resource mass no longer a combo line.
* VOID_HUD/AdvancedHUD: Fixed an issue where certain changes in the game and other mods would cause the HUD skin to change.
* Now supporting the application launcher with a new button that will be used in lieu of the old standalone button when the Toolbar mod is not present or VOID's Toolbar support is disabled.
* Fixed an issue where modules with "extended" toggles would not reset to their condensed size when the extended data was toggled off.
* Miscellaneous code "improvements."
* Updated underlying VesselSimulator code to the latest from KER & padishar.

v.0.13 [2014-07-17]
* Updated for KSP 0.24.
* NEW MODULE!  VOID_TWR is provides a listing of nominal thrust-to-weight ratios at the surface of each celestial body and is available in the editor and in flight.
* VOID_VesselInfo: Changed resource mass line to a combo stage / total resource mass line.
* VOID_HUDAdvanced: Fixed a totally embarrassing unit display bug.

v.0.12.0 [2014-05-30]
* NEW MODULE!  VOID_HUDAdvanced is a second pair of HUD windows which display craft and maneuver node information, respectively.
* VOID_VesselInfo: Resource mass fixed to actually display resource mass.
* VOID_Rendezvous: Now displays local sidereal longitude for targets by default; re-enabled extended orbital info for targets.
* Updated shared KER code.
* Minor potentially-performance-enhancing improvements (not reviewed by the FDA)
* Time intervals are now displayed in Kerbin days & years when so selected in the game settings.

v.0.11.0 [2014-05-03]
* Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause exceptional conditions when a vessel took a very long time to load.
* Added a core toggle to disable engineering calcuations.  Values gleaned from engineering calculations will display NaN or 0 when disabled.
* Improved compatibility with the new Engineering code to avoid engineering values sometimes flickering to NaN or 0 when they should not.
* Fixed a bug that occured sometimes when not using the Toolbar.
* License changed to modified BSD.
* Major refactoring of the underlying library code.

v.0.10.0 [2014-04-04]
* API update for KSP 0.23.5.
* Integrated [URL="http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/72062"]experimental KER simulator[/URL] by [URL="http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/members/100092"]Padishar[/URL].
* Improved configurable-precision display for values smaller than 1.

v.0.9.22 [2014-03-27]
* VOID_HUD: Fixed erroneous dependence upon the Vessel Info pane for delta-V updates.
* VOID_Core: Fixed a bug where only the default skin would be used, regardless of selection.
* Other minor improvements.

v.0.9.21 [2014-03-17]
* VOID_HUD: Added total and last-stage delta-V indication, added pitch indication.  Slightly rearranged the existing HUD elements.
* VOID_HUD: HUD panes are now moveable; see new "lock HUD windows" toggle in the config menu.
* VOID_HUD: Major rework of the HUD underpinnings.  HUD now uses the same rate-limiting tech as the Orbital and Vessel Info panels.
* VOID_CBInfoBrowser: Bodies which have no atmosphere will no longer report any atmospheric data, whether Squad populated those fields or not.
* VOID_VesselInfo: Minor tweaks to avoid some exceptional scenarios.
* Engineer Integration: Now using more-correct gravity values in flight and in the editor.  This should eliminate the TWR discrepancy between the two scenes.
* Toolbar Integration: Now using Toolbar's official dependency-free wrapper.
* Toolbar Integration: Change to use a single button between scenes; this should avoid the "duplicate button" issue in recent versions of Toolbar.
* VOID will no longer consume power when power consumption is enabled, but VOID is "powered off."
* Changed the icon to something new, thanks to [URL="http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/members/69225"]dudecon[/URL].
* Various minor code improvements throughout.

v.0.9.20 [2014-01-26]
* VOID_Rendezvous: Fixed the LSL indication in target orbital info to display the target's LSL, not the current vessel's.
* VOID_EditorHUD: Added a thrust offset indicator to the in-editor HUD.  This appears only when the CoM and CoT icons are enabled in the editor.
* VOID_HUD: Added "Experiment Situation" entry (e.g. "Near In Space", "Flying", etc.) to the in-flight HUD.
* Updated KER libraries to
* ToolbarButtonWrapper: Updated to latest Toolbar IButton API.

v.0.9.19 [2013-12-20]
* Updated KER libraries for 0.23 compatibility improvements.
* Back-end changes in ToolbarButtonWrapper.

v.0.9.18 [2013-12-17]
* FEATURE: KSP 0.23 compatibility.  This fixes issues with the orbital pane and editor HUD not displaying.
* WORKAROUND: All textures changed to .png to avoid KSP's new ugly .tga compression.

v.0.9.17 [2013-12-14]
* BUGFIX: Corrected the visibility of the Toolbar buttons when using Blizzy's Toolbar.

v.0.9.16 [2013-12-14]
* FEATURE: Optional support for Blizzy's Toolbar.
* BUGFIX: Orbital pane: Fixed erroneous mislabeling of "Time to Apoapsis" to the correct "Time to Periapsis".
* BUGFIX: Certain values will no longer display debug information inline.
* BUGFIX: VOID will no longer spam seemingly-random integers into the log file.

v.0.9.15 [2013-12-02]
* BUGFIX: VOID GUI skin preference will now play nicely with MechJeb.
* BUGFIX: Saves to disk will now only take place when things actually need saving.

v.0.9.14 [2013-11-30]
* TWEAK: Added rate limiting to Vessel and Surface & Atmosphere panes.
* TWEAK: Values with configurable precision will now manipulate the unit prefix (e.g. Mm vs. km vs. m) instead of just adding a bunch of digits after the decimal.
* TWEAK: Precision cycling is now toggled by clicking anywhere on the label or value of configurable values.  Configurable values are now denoted by an "â±".
* TWEAK: Precision cycling now limits itself within reasonable bounds.  Right-clicking now cycles through precision values in reverse.
* BUGFIX: Will no longer sometimes cause exceptions before the scene is fully loaded.
* BUGFIX: Improved failsafes around VesselSimulator calls.

v.0.9.13 [2013-11-20]
* BUGFIX: Re-added "Primary" indication to the left-side HUD, because I suck at merging git branches or something.

v.0.9.12 [2013-11-17]
* FEATURE: Added a configurable precision for some values in the Orbital pane as a trial run.
* FEATURE: Added support for real-time rate limiting to keep overhead down (see "Update Rate" in config).  Currently only supported by Orbital.

v.0.9.11 [2013-11-12]
* Moved the editor HUD to the top left corner to avoid conflicts with the staging selector.  It should move with the parts list, as relevant, as well.
* BUGFIX: Added a GUI reset to fix the case where modules would not draw after a "revert to launch" in flight mode or "load craft" in editor mode.

v.0.9.10 [2013-11-12]
* FEATURE: The VOID framework now supports Editor modules!  A very rudimentary HUD has been added to the editor by default.  Please recommend additional information and features to include!
* BUGFIX: The VOID icon can be relocated again.  Uncheck "Lock VOID Icon" in the Configuration menu and drag it where you want it.  Note: in the editor, the button-dragging doesn't work, so the icon is docked to the main VOID window.
* BUGFIX: Changes to the skin are now correctly saved and reloaded.
* VOID windows now "clamp" to the edge of the screen so they cannot inadvertently be lost.

v.0.9.9 [2013-11-10]
* Complete rewrite of the underlying architecture.  VOID is now completely modular and extensible, and uses the new XML plugin configuration save format.
* BUGFIX: The activity label on the csv logging window now appears correctly.

v.0.9.1 [2013-11-02]
* BUGFIX: Surface longitude and latitude now display in a more traditional 180°W-180°E format.
* FEATURE: The current primary body is now shown in the HUD.
* NOTICE: SpacePort is calling the download -0-9-15 for some reason; this is a mislabeling on their part; there is no version 0.9.15.

v.0.9.0 [2013-10-23]
* FEATURE: Added delta-V calculations via VesselSimulator, courtesy cybutek.  Now visible for the current stage and the whole vessel in the "Vessel" information pane.
* BUGFIX: Local sidereal longitude should no long occasionally fall outside the [0..360] degree range.
* BUGFIX: Sub-zero elevations should now work correctly on bodies without oceans.

v.0.8.2 [2013-10-21]
* Development continued by toadicus.
* Power usage now defaults to disabled.
* Convert mean anomaly to degrees.
* Convert eccentric anomaly to degrees.
* Added local sidereal longitude as a data output to the extended orbital pane.
* Added Biome as a data output to the extended surface information pane.
* Added Biome as an output in the surface/atmospheric ("right hand") HUD.
* Changed "RBR" directory name to a more intuitive "VOID".

v.0.8.1 [2013-08-15]
* Improved the Rendezvous Information window which is also now accessible from the main menu
* Can now set in-game targets and show rendezvous info according to selected in-game target
* Fixed small a bug or two and cleaned out a lot of un-needed GUILayout lines

v.0.8 [2013-06-12]
* Converted from part-based PartModule to part-free KSPAddon style
* Fixed broken icons
* Cleaned up settings read/write
* Lowered ElectricCharge requirement to 0.02/s
* Removed fluff from Miscellaneous

* Moved files to the new GameData directory

* Fixed broken links for update checks, stats, and facts

For very old changelog entries see the [url=http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/20373-0-21-VOID-Module-Vessel-Orbital-Information-Display-v-0-8]old thread[/url] by Iannic-ann-od




Copyright © 2014-2015, toadicus
All rights reserved.

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification,
are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

1.  Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice,
    this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.

2.  Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice,
    this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other
    materials provided with the distribution.

3.  Neither the name of the copyright holder nor the names of its contributors may be used
    to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission.



This software uses the ToadicusTools utility library, used under a
Simplified BSD license.


This software uses code from Kerbal Engineer Redux, used under a
Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported license.


This software uses methods derived from MuMechLib © 2013-2014 r4m0n,
sarbian, et al. Used under the General Public License, version 3.



Edited by toadicus
Updated to 1.1.0-beta
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Can anyone send me a link to the a 0.21 compatible version of VOID please? Looks awesome and I really need some of the info for a project but I'm working at sea and the internet here just isn't up to downloading 0.22.

Did try the 0.22 version but it breaks the game.


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@toadicus: Thanks! Been having a lot of issues getting Engineer to work on Linux, and so far VOID works so extremely well that I'd rather have it be a one-stop shop. If you can get dV to calculate, it'd be awesome if it could display it in the VAB as well.

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0.9 looks good! Thanks again for stepping up and taking charge of the VOID. Don't be afraid to message me if you have questions about any of my janky code. It was an absolute beginner crash-course learning project from Day 1 and the code reflects that in many places!

Just for fun, the evolution of VOID from KSP 0.16 to 0.21.

Edited by Iannic-ann-od
bonus pics
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Is there any documentation, either with the mod or on the web somewhere, itemizing all that this mod does? I don't use mechjeb for autopilot much, but I do use it for Smart ASS and the data screens. What I most use it for is landing predictions and the connected aerobrake predictions. I rarely use the landing autopilot, but the prediction system built into it is very useful. Is anything similar to that included in VOID?

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Right now in my challenge save (and AAR save) I'm pretty much all set up, but maybe I'll check void out for my next setup. Thanks for answering my question Toadicus. This looks very well done and has lots of information on hand.

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Thank you toadicus for your work.

Something I had noticed in the previous version, it still gives Moho a 14km high atmosphere. Just a detail.

This isn't VOID, that's KSP. All the CelestialBody viewer does is pull the list of bodies from FlightGlobals.Bodies and spit out the information available through the API. VOID reports a 14 km atmosphere altitude because that's what Moho says it has.

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This is an incredible mod, especially the HUD which makes navigation practical.

I have a suggestion for the next version. Typically longitude is displayed in the range of -180 to +180 degrees, with the negative values being considered West and the positive values considered East. For example the Wiki has KSP on the equator at about 75 W.


Currently, VOID is displaying that as 285 E, which would be an untypical way to reference longitude. The code in the green box would always keep the API's longitude in the correct range and allow the HUD to display it properly. Also, since the HUD is now 5 lines on the right side, perhaps the primary body could be added to the left side. This would seem to balance the Biome information on the right as well.


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I was able to get this to work with the following changes. Up to you of course, just wanted to see if I could do it. Thanks for the excellent mod.


Can anyone see the picture...for some reason I can't get it to work.

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image not working
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