A.S.E.T. Industries presents a work in progress [Pre-Release] the ALCOR capsule, "Advanced Landing Capsule for Orbital Rendezvous". (v. 0.9.7)                                                                                                                                  (clickable)       It is loosely inspired by the Apollo landing module, and uses a lightweight frame-based design with very thin walls. It is meant to be used for both single-stage and two-stage vacuum landers that fit in 2.5m+ fairings as part of an 1.25m stack. Made from the finest cardboard composite materials, no effort has been spared in making an attractive, sensible and very flimsy container for your victims pilots, packed tightly between computing and scientific hardware. TOTAL MASS - 1880 kg! Warranty void if subjected to atmospheric reentry, hit particularly hard or sneezed at.      A.L.C.O.R. Advanced IVA                                                                                                                                                     (clickable) Extra Part: External Camera (Radial-mounted, vertical) You can mark up action button switches with text by entering it into the vessel description in the VAB: On a separate line type "AG<number>=<text>" where "number" is the number of action group from 0 (i.e. 10) to 9. The text is limited to 14 characters. (More won't fit on the label.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARCHIVE VIDEOS HERE   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT: You NEED to delete the old version before installing this one, or you get a mess you aren likely to sort out. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mods dependency ALCOR 0.9.7 required: none recommended: Module Manager 2.7.5+ supported: KIS KeepFit CLS   ALCOR Advanced IVA 0.9.7 required: ALCOR v 0.9.7 Module Manager 2.8.0+ RPM v 0.29.2+ ASET_Props v 1.5+ recommended: MechJeb v 2.6.1+ ScanSat v 18.2+ VesselViewer Continued Docking Port Alignment Indicator v 6.7+ Astrogator v 0.7.8+ supported: TAC - Life Support USI Life Support Kerbalism ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloads: ALCOR 0.9.7 (Spacedock) ALCOR Advanced IVA 0.9.7 (Spacedock) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Installation: - Install into “/Gamedata/ASET/"   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Made with Mihara's research and support. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks to the group of testers for their help with this release @nukeboyt  @imerg  @StevieC  @Plecy75   @ISE  @holodmer @chimpbone @Dragon01 @lazar2222 @simtom @Zapo147 @lennie @PhantomC3PO @Chaumas @Mecripp @panarchist @Ghosty141 @Lo Var Lachland @sebseb7 @harrisjosh2711 @Falco01 @>The Amazing Spy<   Special thanks to  @MOARdV, @Mihara, @DennyTX , @nukeboyt , @Dragon01 and @linuxgurugamer for their help and support with the mods development. And all the forum users who support and motivate me to keep working on my mods. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like what I do? Want to directly support development? Consider donating via Patreon or Paypal!                        ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "ALCOR" and "ALCOR Advanced IVA" by Alexustas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog:   26/11/2017 - v 0.9.7 ALCOR: *optimization and various improvements ALCOR Advanced IVA: *All switches changed to new modular ones. *Revised instrument layout. *Greatly extended MechJeb support. *Added CommNet, Astrogator, Kerbalism, USI-LS and Chatterer support. *Added the ability to adjust seat height for female Kerbals. 08/02/2017 - v 0.9.6 ALCOR: *overlay mesh is added *interior model is improved, now it completely matches the exterior model *the “ModuleAnimateGeneric” module is used instead of the “ModuleKrAnimation” *support for the KAS, KIS, KeeplFit and others is made with the separate MM-patches *minor optimization of the textures ALCOR Advanced IVA: *the new power supply panel *solar panels and fuel cells control *throttle limit *G-force monitor *exterior cameras image gain feature *breaks control and stress indicators for the landing gear *emergency radio beacon 22/07/2015 - v 0.9.4 [B] 0.9.4 update[/B] DDS textures [B]IVA Patch:[/B] [LIST] [*]Navigation lights was reworked. Now strobing light works as it was intended. [*]Little changes in the IVA. [/LIST] [B] ASET_Props:[/B] [LIST] [*]All props working algorithms was reworked to match the last RPM 0.21. [*]Now all instruments stops working if the g-force is higher than 8 g (with dramatical flickering animation:D) [/LIST] [B]New props:[/B] [LIST] [*] [*]Temperature indicators [*]Throttle control buttons [*]Buttons for the new MechJeb Smart A.S.S. functions [*]“Engine Flame Out†indicator [*]Special separate display for the TAC Life support [*]Fixed the bug with the sound disappearing after switching props lightning. [*]Fixed the configs that used old resource names. [*]Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) now can be turned off, I added buttons to control it. [*]Altitude Voice Annunciator System (AVAS) now can be turned off, I added buttons to control it. [*]Low Altitude Warning is now can be setted for the different altitudes (100, 200, 300) or even be turned off. [/LIST] [B]MFD[/B] [LIST] [*]New “Landing†page, look to the User Manual for the additional information [*]New page “Graphs†[*]PFD was optimised for the RPM 0.21 [/LIST] - Removed separate MM-patch to support plug-in "Reflection". 05/05/2015 - v [B] update[/B] [B]External:[/B] - Nodes fixed - Attribute maxTemp changed - Changed the textures of the external model - Reduced Reaction Wheel Torque - Dry weight of the pod has been increased to 1800 kg - Added separate MM-patch to support plug-in "Reflection". Now you can make ALCOR even more beautiful by adding reflections on the windows and other elements. [B]New in ALCOR IVA:[/B] - Added SAS control modes - Changed layout of the middle (pilot's) panel - Completely redesigned layout of the the panel of flight engineer - Refined cabin interior, added a few new props - Materials has been optimised - All devices and tools now require electricity to operate. Without electricity cabin becomes entirely "Cold and Dark"! - Changed work logic of many indicators - Added indicator "MASTER ALARM " - Instead of a single indicator "RCS" now has two indicators: "RCS ARMED" and "RCS ACTIVE" - Added gauges for all stock kinds of resources: LF, Oxodizer, Solid, Monopropellant, Xenon Gas [B] MFD:[/B] - New main font for all MFD - Finalized the design of MFD pages - Added support for DPAI plug 30/06/2014 - v 0.9 [B]0.9 update[/B] [B]External:[/B] Collider has been corrected so it no longer falls through planetary surfaces. [B]New in ALCOR IVA:[/B] - All props updated to work with RPM 0.17. - All external lighting (NavLights, Docking port spotlight, Airlock lights) will now consume Electric Charge. - Emergency power generator added. It consumes 0.1 units of Monopropellant to produce 1.5 units of ElectricCharge. - Small improvements to the interior and certain props. - New notifications for GPWS added, but the problem with volume levels remains. [B] MFD:[/B] - FLIGHT/LNDG page can now select between onboard ALCOR cameras and exterior camera number 1 (ExtCam1) - 'Standby' page now displays the current version of RPM. [B] Third party mod support:[/B] Active Texture Management, Connected Living Spaces and Timmers’ KeepFit are now natively supported. 19/04/2014 - v 0.8 [B]0.8 update[/B] Capsule exterior: [LIST] [*]Diffuse and NormalMap textures has been improved. [*]New Nav lights setup [/LIST] IVA: [LIST] [*]MFD interface has been improved. [*]Many MechJeb functions are now callable directly by clicking buttons. [*]Vessel View 0.4 plugin is supported. [*]Stage lock switch now actually manipulates the global UI stage lock. [*]Engines of the current stage can be turned off with a button. [*]Reserved resources (i.e. the ones with flow toggles in the rightclick UI) can now be unblocked. [*]'Clear Nod'e and 'Clear Target' buttons. [*]Internal cameras are now switchable between horizontal and vertical orientation. [*]For use of the capsule in a rover, there is now a ‘brake’ switch. [*]Voice notifications of current radar altitude for 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2500 meters. [*]Capsule interior has been redesigned and is now (partially) textured. [*]Numerous new props. [*]New internal lights setup. [/LIST] 11/02/2014 - v 0.7.5 [B]0.7.5 update[/B] Capsule exterior: [LIST] [*]A completely new collider that precisely follows the visible shape of the capsule. [*]ReactionWheels power reduced to 7 [*]Exterior model now has more detail. [*]Builtin exterior lights: Docking Spotlight Airlock Floodlight Strobe signal lights (currently won’t actually strobe, but hopefully will with the next RPM version) [*]A new texture for the exterior model. [/LIST] Interior: [LIST] [*] [*]MFD models and page configurations have been updated. [*]More autopilot functionality (requires MechJeb to work) [*]Improvements to the central panel. [*]New gauge -- Propellant monitor, which shows the current propellant resources for the current stage and in general, the propellant expended per second, and dV (only reliable if MechJeb is installed) [*]A new Terrain profile monitor page (on the right monitor with the keyboard) displays changes in terrain relief underneath the lander. [*]Internal lighting improved. [*]Interior model improved. [/LIST] 10/01/2014 - v0.7 A huge update! The most important change is that from now on there is only one pilot seat. The pilot sits in the middle of the cockpit, to improve the view of the flight instruments. The positioning of the instruments has been completely redone. The other two kerbals are now just passengers. The windows on the internal and the external model now match exactly. Lots of new indicators and new display data were added: [LIST] [*]Satellite map. [*]Orbital map [*]Targeting, reference part selection (the one that you select when you “control from hereâ€Â) and undocking menu. [*]Certain autopilot (MechJeb) functions are supported if MechJeb is installed. [*]MFD monitors are improved and now have even more buttons. [*]Reference information about planetary bodies -- the same kind you would get in the map screen when you press the ‘info’ button -- is available on one of the pages. [*]Visual and sound alarms indicating various dangers (danger of tipping over due to lateral velocity being too high, ground slope too high, collision with ground too fast) as well as expected touchdown speed. [*]ALCOR now has builtin external cameras providing full 360-degree visibility -- two new cameras on the sides were added. [*]Most cameras can now pan and zoom. [*]You can mark up action button switches with text by entering it into the vessel description in the VAB: On a separate line type ‘AG<number>=<text>’ where ‘number’ is the number of action group from 0 (i.e. 10) to 9. The text is limited to 14 characters. (More won’t fit on the label.) [*]Current stage only resources are displayed. Warning, KSP likes to lie about those. [*]Full information about the temperature and internal atmosphere of the pod is now displayed. [*]Like the 0.23 stock capsules, the pod now has 20 units of internal monopropellant storage, which increases start mass to 1680kg. [*]Doubleclicking on the airlock will make the currently controlled kerbal EVA right from IVA. [*]The pod has a mission flag prominently displayed both inside and outside. [/LIST] 25/12/2013 - v0.6-0.23FIX ( Maintenance release ) The outdated version of RasterPropMonitor plugin has been removed from this package while the previously published patches to enable SCANsat support in the monitors have been included. 24/11/2013 - v0.6 - Added more equipment in IVA (indicators, MFD/PFD, Alarm-lights) - Added sounds ( ambients, alarm, click) - Re-arange internal layout - Added new Part - 'External Camera (RV)' - Added 2 Displays for viewing custom external views 12/11/2013 - v0.5 - Crew capacity increased to three -- total dry mass increased to 1.6 tons - Added five monitors of two different sizes , a set of buttons and switches to control basic functions like RCS, SAS and custom action groups and cockpit lighting are now included - 'RasterPropMonitor plugin' is required and included in the package 25/10/2013 - v0.4 - Added part to the research tree (see http://i.imgur.com/50U3cwm.png) - Node fixed __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___